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      Hi All,
      My questions are regarding multiple cases lodged by my wife on me. My wedding was done in 2013 and after that only she started abusing and misbehaving with me. After waiting for so long i finally filed a divorce case in delhi against her and left home. She belonged from himachal so she initially filed a complaint in delhi women Cell and then got that transferred to Himachal only. Now the current situation is:

      She filed one Mainteinence case under section 125, interim main. granted to my daughter (4 years old) for 3k per month.

      She had filed one DV case against me and family members. Court announced one time compensation of 5k and rent to her (not specified in orders). now she has filed an execution petition on that and also an appeal in the same court that she is not ok with this judgement. Asking for rent 10k should be paid to her dad as they have their own house there.

      My divorce case she got transferred to Himachal only which is pending since 2016 and now on the basis of her application under section 24, court has awarded a monthly amount of 15k to her and one time legal expenses 20k.

      she has also filed a 156 case which is pending since 1 and a half year, no summons issued to me so far.

      So technically 5 cases pending, divorce case, 125, 156, DV execution petition, appeal on DV. Now some of my concerns are:

      She has accepted that she is doing a job and earning around 16k per month, parental house. My salary is around 55 to 58 k Per month.

      Some people (including lawyer) suggested me that i should pay this amount 15k since date of application + 20K legal expenses and withdraw my divorce petition and wait to let her file a new one in future.

      Other views are i should challenge that in High Court and fight against that order and keep on chasing the other cases in session court too including DV and divorce. I should also approach high court to direct lower court to speed up the process of closing out the pending cases soon.

      I am so confused as i am equally convinced with both the ideas to withdraw divorce case and stop 15k under section 24 or challenge that decision in high court.
      All views and suggestions on this will be highly appreciated from all the experts or from people who faced or facing similar cases. Specially in himachal as they must be aware of court proceeding there very well. Challenging such order will make any benefit for me or that will be total waste of money and time ?

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      its waste of time and money counter any of these cases; unless you have solid grounds to fight back.if you are paying ask for visitation so she can compromise with other cases.
      find out her job/salary details correctly if you want to counter her rent claim. as she is saying she is paying rent to Father then ask for bill so you can get ITR of her father.
      also check if she produced any false claims and statements you can counter and file cases accordingly.

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