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      Hi Sir/Madam,

      I, Pankaj Kumar, am currently working in TCS and got married to Priti Sharma on 21june 2009. I need your help badly please, i am deelpy depressed and i am stuck.

      Me & my wife stayed together in bangalore(my then work location) after marriage form june09 and she was expectiong joining in wipro so was not working that time.In Aug 09, my parents joined us to stay.I had already told my wife before marriage itself, that my parents are quite old, need better medication in bangalore &they need care and they will be staying with us- which she had agreed. As soon as my parents joined me, my wife started to tell wrong & bad things about my parents , like my moither tanuts her for no dowry. i said we married you with hus 5 lakhs of dowry and we wanted girl who respects, can take care, is independent, working and caring. i tried a lot to convince which she refused. she also did not take care of them there were couple of incidents when she did not even cook for them and they were scared to tell me !! most of the time i would be in office and i was expecting her to take care of them .

      There were multiple incidents when she would shout at me in front of parents.My mother tried teaching her a lot and she immediately would say i will leanr but she woudl keep comittting same shouting.

      i had plans of moving to US for project work which came all of a sudden in Oct09. i could not have taken my wife with me as her passport was not ready. My in-laws interfered a lot in my life asking why i am leaving and all.i did not have any choice and i left to US in nov-09. The day i left to US, my wife also left to her native saying she needs to see her parents which i agreed. and right after that day she has been doing bad things to my family. she tried creating confusion between me and my brother for property affairs by talking on phone to my brother;s wife about property matters. she even yelled at my sister and my mother on phone. she asked my mother to leave from her life.

      after moving to her native, then she never ever bothered she has some responsibilities and she stayed at her native from nov-09 till april-10 where she said she is working on passoprt.then she said she suddenly got joining in wipro (hyd for traiinig in apr-10.

      Whenever i tried discussing with her, she would keep it on speaker and her mother would interfere always. Last time i argued , i in my anger told if she commits any mistake again i ll break her legs and ll kill her. her father e-mailed all my relatives saying i ll be responsbile for anything bad that happens to her ever.Also in the same call my words were manipulated by her mother. i said in anger that pls dont do tantrums- and she replied u r aying me prostitute as pros’ do tantrums- i could nmot have expected this from an elderly lady.

      theri families stay in jamshedpur(jharkhand) and my sister, mother have even recieved writtedn anonymous letters of threat and bad things about them.

      My wife washaving depression during her 12th(some 4-5 yrs back) and i feel she is stil having some kind of psychiatric problem. she has even threatened me once that she has knife in her hand and she will kill herself and i ll be responsbile.she has also threatened my relatives over phone that her mother is about to die and if anything happens to her mtoher we ll be responsible.

      Currently i am in US and i do admit i did not want to speak to her for long, its been long i talked to her. i am staying away from my family , home, and i am scared about my parents leaving in her custody. for sometime i also have been talking to another girl over phone- a bit more than friends- who gave me emotional support, who will get maried soon and i know i have no future with her. i was chatting on gtalk, including my family being harrassed and i want to get separated from her and i am talking to another girl these days whom i have no future with – all i said above with one friend and my wife who spies at me, tracked this from chat history.and she has this in her email which she has forwarded me in email.she also threatend my sister on phone that she ll show this to my company and it could do worse in my company career and that i shd come back and she needs prove she was never wrong.

      last time i talked to my wife was 2 days back and she was as good as normal like tnothing happened.

      i am deeply depressed, scared, and frustrated.i want to get out of this relationshsip. i would rather take care of my parents alone. i can bring them to US and can take care of them, but i have married to a girl who has no respect for my family and since 10 months she has spoiled mine & my family life like hell. we all are tesnse and i want to get out of this please. i need have peace of mind. i hate her to the core and i cannot even think of continuing my life with her ahead. Please advise how to proceed for divorce please. please help.

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      dear friend, there are so many problems with many people like you, u be reasonable & not emotional, i think it is impossible to you to stay with your wife, so it will be better to file divorce petition & then only you will be free. Meanwhile there are chances at the instance of your wife that she will file cri. case u/s 498(a) against you & your family, so you have also be in preparation of filing ant. bail. So you be prepare yourself to defend against injustice . 9821387099, 9224799546

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