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      hi there,
      need genuine suggestion here.
      I have been maried since last 9 months. my wife borned and brought in Mumbai. adue to pandemic, we are working from a home in village. now as she doesn’t like to stay in village, she left the house and living with her parents since last 2 months. to solve the matter, I rented flat in city and conveyed to her family. But now they are not responding at all. She also stopped responding my msgs and calls. I am in lot of stress and tension and it’s affecting my job. when she left home, in first 15 days, under tension, I said all things like divorce, ending this relationship etc. I know it was mistake from my side. But they are not responding to our calls. I am ready to shift to city as per her demand. But it seems that her parents brainwashed her later. I got warning before marriage that her parents behaviour is not good but I ignored.
      what shoud we do?
      Taking divorce doesnt seem feasible to me as at the end I have to suffer a lot.
      Is sending notice a fair option? will it complicate things further?
      please advice. all these things are affecting my health a lot and my job as well. No peacefull sleep since last 2 months.😔

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      Did you report it to Police that she left you?
      Did you recorded her or her family demand that she will not stay with you, she want house in city or any threats?

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      She went in day light. I cannot understand why do I need to report this to police station. Can you elaborate.
      Her family never demanded that from us directly but her parents used to brainwash her. No threats from her side. But she left house on term that she no longer can stay in the house.

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      “She went in day light. I cannot understand why do I need to report this to police station”
      this is Dumbest attitude and question a Man ever ask.

      if anything happens to your wife who is responsible or held accountable?
      within 7 years of marriage if married women dies, thats termed as DOWRY DEATH by default, IN INDIA. Even husband is on other country.
      Not reporting to police when wife left home is a Invitation for False 498A/ DV later.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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