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      I am leaving in Latur, Maharashtra.
      Working as teacher in Private School.
      Married with Mousmi on 25 May 2001.
      (20 Yrs before), having two kids Aditya 18 years ,Aary
      My wife left my matrimonial house on 2 Jan 2021 when I was there on my job, by leaving a message on whats app that she is going to meet her paternal aunt at her mothers house in same city Latur.
      I gave call to her in the evening asking
      When she is going to come back, she replied, I’m not feeling well today, I will come back tomorrow.
      Second day when I gave a call she didn’t replied.
      While leaving my house she carried all the keys of house and locker with her.
      I thought that she will be back in couple of days.
      On job I have to report at 7.00 morning and departure time is of 5.00 evening.
      In month of January 2020 she use to come at home when I was there on my job, watering plants, carrying some clothes and study material of kids, but she carried all the golden jewelry and silver ornaments, cash, papers of property with her.I realize this after few days.
      When I was there to meet her and kids in end of February 2021, my brother is law didn’t allowed to meet her and kids and reacted badly that we will speak about this after 12th board exam of my son so I keep waiting . On 25th April I got message from my wife that my son is covid positive and hospitalized.
      When I was there to meet my son in government hospital and want to take his to private hospital for CT scan ,by brother in law and wife didn’t allowed me to meet my son and take my son to private hospital.After 4 days on 29 April my wife registred NC against me, my father and brother.
      She come to home with her brother in 3 May and made a show and carried all her stuff and again longed second NC against us.
      We approach to DALSA / ADR on 5th May 2021 for reconciliation ,we she made false allegations and refused to cohabit.
      We approach to SP Office on 8th May 2021 for reconciliation , in Bharosa Cell mediation she again made false allegations and refuse to cohabit.
      She filled a counter complaint Mahila police station on 21 May 2021.
      We have counseling I am ready to cohibite but she refused to cohabit and filled 498a FIR on 29 June 2021.
      We approach to high court to squash
      FIR on part of father and brother.
      Where opposite party called for mediation and refuse to cohabit now asking for 30 lakh for settlement.
      now filled DV and 125 crpc application on 7 Dec 2021
      Complete Package of false cases allegating that I asked her rupees 5 lakh for new business and bet her
      How to sought relief.

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