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498A killed my Father

In September 2005 when I went to India for one of the court date;

My dad was very ill; and bed ridden;

Doctors gave no guarantee for his life; we spent lakhs to save his life;
He could not walk or talk. He was almost half dead as his some of the organs stopped functioning;

When I went to see him; he could not able to move even his finger; he tried to talk.

I tried to listen what he is talking; I hold his hand and sqeezed;

He tried many times to tell something, know something. And uttered one word.


I knew he is asking about my 498A case;

As he also wrote many letters regarding my case to lawyers and others
He met priest and people;
He came with me to meet many people and waited in police station for more than 2 hours to get registered one of my case.

I said; nothing happened with that 498A I have no problem now. I lied; at least he will be happy to know that.

Tears came from his eyes. He knew the truth; as this 498a will never end. .

He was on Death Bed;

On the brink of Death Bed;

After few days I had 498A date in Vasai so I came back to Vasai; he blessed me when I left him I could not wait as doctor gave ultimatum on his death coz my 498a was waiting for me in Vasai.

I came to Vasai to stand trial for a False case; same day he left us; made us orphan.

I can say this 498A killed my Father; he was always worried about me and this 498A.

Because of this 498A I could not attend my only Father funeral.

2 thoughts on “498A killed my Father

  1. Sir ur case is similar to one of my case where i come out as a winner proving my client innocent and forced the complainant to accept- yes she was wrong- but till than it was too late because father of my client suffering from cancer left him same way as u had been! so keep it up but be brave to lose so many thing as well as your valuable time and prestige.Any personal advice for the fighting strategy u may especially in regards to ur confidentiality. Every thing is fair in love and war, so u have to be a little bit diplomatic to frustrate the provision of killer 498A which is one sided Wipon in Indian law

  2. sir;
    u have to deal the situation under prudence of diplomatic way because the killer 498a is one sided law. u may further lose time and prestige even ur career at he the alter of this bad law.I pray for u but every thing is fare in love and war and u are fighting lonely with great killer 498A Go ahead and feel free to take legal advice from me if requires at twitter.

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