AutoBiography of a Dowry Law Victim

My Struggle with Legal Terrorism

I`ll trace your number and report it to police; if you call again.

Even After 7 years I did not lost my patience. I still loved her even
she harassed me for 7 years;
she Sent me to jail for no reason;
she run away with my gold valuables;

Still I wanted her back.

In January 2006 there was child custody date and as per lawyer she is coming for the date; at last for her 1st court date. I wrote many letters before to her, but those never reached her as her parents were totally against her to come back to me; coz she is working in Dubai and sending money to them; if she goes back they will not get any money.

So I decided to write to one of the witness of our wedding, her relative and neighbor;
I explained her and wrote, in case if she meet her my wife tell her I still love her. But there was no reply.

One day before court date; thinking she should have come; so I called her; I just wanted to know she is there. Fortunately she picked the phone and said Hello;

I was shocked to hear her voice in 7 years and I did`t know what to talk, so I just hold receiver just like that till she disconnect.

Next day also I called at same time and she picked up the phone;

Hello; I said;
She recognized my voice and said
How are you; I asked.
Whom do you want to talk, she said
With my wife; I said
Go and ask Bishop, you gave me divorce. She said
But you only told them you wanted divorce, I said.
I`ll trace your number and report it to police; if you call again. She said.

Please do it, i`m waiting for that and I want proof that I called you

Then there was no sound.. I disconnected the call.

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