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      its very sad that many brothers are suffering due to the laws in our country, i am in a similar situtauion and below are my points in brief, iam currently in dubai and my mother and sister stay with me.

      i would want to know if i should file for a divorce case in mumbai or can i do it in dubai ? and how do i approach the dv act case ?

      1 Married in 2006 in Mumbai(Arranged marriage), wife was from surat

      2. Wife came to Dubai in 2007 on residential visa

      3. She got a job in dubai inmid 2007

      4. She left Dubai early 2008 and went to Mumbai and after a couple of days went to surat

      5. She filed a 498a case on Oct 2008 in surat , against Me ,my mother & my sister

      6. We filed an appeal on Feb2009 in Ahmedabad high court stating that the case is false and it cannot be filed in surat aswe were married in Mumbai

      7. The high court decision on 2009 was that a girl can file a case from the place she stays but the investigations officer has to look into the matter.

      8. After that I got no update on 498a case

      9. now feb 2012 i got a call from indian embassy in dubai that there is summon , after collecting ,it was the summon for a DV act case and the summon date was for hearing on nov 2011, that means I got thesummon after approx. 3 months of the case date.i was told that the embassy had older summons and the case was filed in 2009 , but they were not able to contact me

      This dv act is again against 3 of us , me mother & sister. can dv act case be filed against ladies ?

      what should i do now , will i get a summon again for the next dv act date ?

      pls advice.

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      get DV complaint copy and go through what she wrote.

      if events similar to 498a then go for quash, as she cannt file 2 cases based on same events.

      also check for the place

      if all of the accused stayed with her at that time, then ask court to submit proofs of that she was with you at that time.

      there are many ways to counter every case.

      let us know what is there in FIR copy

      meanwhile go through many judgments on 498A/DV here for your information.

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      Thanks for your reply, the contents of dv act complaint is 90% same as 498a .the additions is that monthly maintenance is asked for and its mentioned that she left behind her jewellery with me, which is false , can I still file for quash of dvact ?I don’t have any update of the 498a .

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      if its on same events go for quash;

      find in above sitemap you will find citation, refer that judgment,

      use also person cannt be charged twice for same crime as well as multiple cases cannt be filled on same grounds.

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      If false allegations r thr , u may quash it in High Court. 9821387099.

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