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Fighting Legal Terrorism.


We fight for Equality among gender, Justice to all and Family Harmony

Uniform Law : We demand Uniform Civil law as well as uniform Criminal law too, it should be same for all citizens of India, it should not be based on Religion. Law should be same for everyone and Punishment should be same to all Gender, Age, Caste and community.
eMpower Family : In today’s India, there is no respect for elders, senior citizens and old aged parents; with one word of Daughter-in-Law, they are dragged to jail, in the name of eMpower Women. We oppose Biased Section 498A, and Domestic Violence Act, and strongly support New laws on Family Harmony. Scrap Gender Based Ministries like WCD / NCW, and make ministries work for Whole Family.
No Reservation :There Should not be any Reservation, just because they born in some caste, Region and strictly not at all based on Gender; Everyone should get what they deserve based on Merits and their efforts only. All are Born equal, and they have to earn their living out of their capacity, and Reservation for unfortunate handicapped and Elders only.
Give our Children, both Parents Love : We demand Equal rights to Both Parents in Custody, Our Future Generation, our children’s are separated from Father, and denied love and affection from their Fathers of no fault of their, with Biased laws of Divorce and custody. Today’s Custody laws totally biased against Fathers, Even Father is natural guardian, no one is getting Even Visitation without fighting in Court for decades, Make laws which gives equal share in Visitation without fighting in court till Custody us decided.
BAN fetus Killing : Abortion / Fetus killing in the name of sex determination, Many Indian women are forced to Abort, unborn children. As per catholic doctrine Abortion is a SIN and in India it’s a CRIME, still many women are forced to kill Fetus. Not only women are forced but we also found many modern women abort without husband consent too.
No Dowry Demand, STOP Dowry Law Misuse : Dowry is Abolished in 1983, still its widely in use in many parts of India; for a Girl Family, she is termed as burden. At the same time we found many of modern women misuse this law to take revenge on their husband.
Speedy Trial : All Family based litigation’s should completed within a Year, Because of many loop holes and Gender biased laws Many Families suffer. Make Default rules for all Family related laws like Divorce, Custody, Maintenance, Property etc
Property Rights on Marriage : Many Feminists demand Husbands as well as his ancestor Property rights to Wife on Marriage; This is another Property grabbing biased Law; We Strongly denounce it and demand Equality and Share to Husband in Wife’s Property too; Spouse is entitled to have Rights in property acquired after Marriage Only.
Ministry for Men : There are Ministry for Women, Child Even Dogs but Men have none; We demand Ministry for Men too, or scrap Gender based ministries and Make Ministry for Family Only.
Sexual Harassment : There are Many incidents Men are subjected to sexual Harassment and Rape, We demand Gender neutral Sexual harassment Act.
Divorce Laws : Divorce Law should be Gender neutral; as Women has many options to apply for Divorce, and Men have very few, Today’s women committee all sort of crimes, in some cases more than men.
Make Judges / Police responsible for their Action : Many Approach Higher court when they do not get proper justice, When in Higher Court with proper investigation and trail when lower Court Verdict is over turned, then make Lower court judges responsible for their negligence, same applies to Police too.
One National Policy :There Should be one National Policy, it should not be based on one parties views or Agenda, Ruling Party Should follow set of rules in the best Interest of Nation.
Politicians On Merits :No Religion / Caste Based Politicians or parties allowed. Politicians Should be Elected Based on their Contribution to Nation, Social Service and Education; not based on their Money or Influence. No dynasty rule, no Politician with Criminal background.
No Puppet Presidents :No Rubber Stamp or Puppet Presidents selected by Political Parties, President to be by Popular Vote for His / Her contribution, Service to the Nation

Who are we ?

We are Non Profit, Self Help Support Group for Dowry, Dowry Law [IPC 498A] Victims; and Other Gender biased Laws.

We are Band of Brothers and Sisters of India, united under the movement called MyNation Foundation [Click here to Join]

We strongly denounce Dowry Law, DV Act, misuse or other Gender biased laws by Indian wives(or daughter in law) to harass, innocent men and their family members, If you are harassed by law, Ask us if you need Advice on Section 498A, DV, Divorce, Child Custody or any other gender biased laws for FREE

We fight against the harassment of the family members by people who misuse this law. Marriage breakdown has very far reaching consequences as found by sociologists.

We also support those who suffer with Divorce laws and child custody, because of step mother policy of our law system.

You can Write to President of India About your harassment by Law; let him know you are harassed by Law Falsely Click here to Send Mail

We campaign and create awareness about gross injustices and abuse that happens in Indian Legal system. We specifically fight against:

1.) Abuse of old and sick people, especially by Legal means when they are arrested and put in jail (without investigation) just by one line of false complaint by their daughter-in-law. We want this law for daughter-in-law section 498A IPC to be changed.

2.) Counselors from NGOs forcing men to disown parents and live as slaves of their wives and in-laws.

3.) Large scale NRI bashing by NGOs and by Media without considering their great contribution to making India a global power.

4.) Draconian laws which are abused by dishonest daughter-in-law to victimize innocent mothers and unmarried sisters.

5.) Against those daughter-in-laws mentally and physically harassing old, sick in-laws and not providing them with proper food and healthcare.

6.) We fight against NGOs/Feminists who support jailing of old and sick innocent people without investigations under section 498a / DV Act.

7.) You can also Report dowry Demand Here [Click Here]

8.) For last few years in India, Divorce rate is increased 10 Times because of 498A, DV Act; Now After introduction of Equal Share in Husband Property on Wedding, this is doubled soon, and Women will marry and Divorce Everyday. We demand Gender neutral DV Act, No Share in Property of acquired before marriage. Also Read our Proposal for Gender neutral Section 498A IPC.Here.

If you are a Unfortunate Parent who miss your child because of India’s Gender biased laws, which support Abductor Legally under Custody Law. We demand to make compulsory to Include Father names in Child birth certificate, and give Visitation without fighting case in Court.



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