AutoBiography of a Dowry Law Victim

My Struggle with Legal Terrorism

I Lost my 3rd job.

This time i went to india; determind to finish at least one case…

as i`m fighting for 498a, divorce and child custody for last 7 years….

For my surprise; i got one case dismissed; thats my child custody case; even she has not came for not more than 3 dates in 4 years; still without giving any releife my file was dismissed at lower court of Udupi.

And in my divorce case; i appeard for 3 dates;? still judge was saying “why so hurry” even she has not came for single date in last 7 years.

It made me to travel 2 time to bombay and my native just for court dates;

usualy i get only 24 days leaves a year. as i was on shuttle service between Bombay and native place; i took extended leave of almost 40 days. I was working in most critical?position in IT; as there was an emergency and my manager contacted me at my native number and i was in Bombay and there was no phone with me as i was on travel and in my bombay falt no one stays; so there was no phone line to pass message to me; but i got this message after 3 days when i called home.

It was too late….

when i returned back to my work place; pink memo was waiting for me; and they appointed someone else in my place.

Even after spending 40 days, nothing happend in any of my cases. but i lost my job when i returned.

I begged my manager not to cancel my visa. and give me at least one month to find another job. The manager knew it i`m going through hard days because of indian biased laws. As a Good Guesture and my Good service and Nature, he agreed not to cancel my visa on surity that i will find another job within one month.

Getting other job was not a big deal for me; but losing my dream company; where i have been working for last 5 years.

So i sacrificed one more well paid job just because of this 498a

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