AutoBiography of a Dowry Law Victim

My Struggle with Legal Terrorism

Successful FAKE Sting operation

As I came again to India, 11th time; one of the Save Indian Society member, Amit asked me; as I wrote in my biography “I still love her” even she filed false 498A on me. To contact her and tell what I feel. But I did not know her whereabouts or any contact numbers.

Meanwhile as I advice to other group member one more Amit from Delhi contacted me, as he wanted to be his wife, who was in Bombay; I Advised him and offered help to meet his wife through our network and Mumbai NGO “Protect Indian Family”; Instead he getting help from me; he end up in helping me; along with his runaway wife.

As I knew one of the sister phone number of my beloved runaway wife, and some basic hints and my Ex`s some friends name.

Thats how all it started to get contact details of a fugitive in our sting operation.

When I reached India, many TV, news makers wanted to interview me; as I am the master mind behind all this struggle and crusade against 498a.

Then comes third Amit dasgupta from Pune; along with his would-be and Fake TV presenter; managed t get my beloved contact number of Dubai in their FAKE TV sting operation; which was successful.

Real TV presenter makes fake sting operation and fails; but we made successful FAKE sting operation.

I hereby wanted to thank all 3 Amits and their sweat hearts; whom I never seen or met.

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