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FORM : Return of Deposits with Non-Banking Companies, other than Financial Companies as on 31st March 19____.

[See Rule 10 of the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 1975]

Registration No. ___________

Company Code (to be filled by the RBI)

(Please see instruction No. 1)











Name of the company




Full address of:


For Office Use Only


(i) Registered Office



Pin Code ______



*(ii) Head/Administrative Office



Pin Code ______



Whether a Government Company

Yes _____ No. _____



State in which the company is having its Regional Office








Public Limited Company/ Private Ltd. Company/ Deemed Public Ltd. Company. ****



Date of closing of the accounts




Main business:

(Agriculture/ Plantation/ Manufacturing/ Trading/ Shipping & other transport/ Hotels/ Any other)

(Please specify)





Type of industry:

(Cotton Textiles, Sugar, Engineering etc.)

(Please specify)





Name(s) of the Company’s auditors and address(es)




* If it is a place other than the registered office.

** Tick Yes/No, as applicable.

*** Enter the names of the State in the space provided therefor.

**** Strike off the categories not applicable


1. (a) Every company to which these rules apply shall, on or before the 30th day of June, of every year, file with the Registrar of Companies, a return in the form annexed to these rules and furnishing the information contained therein as on the 31st day of March of that year (duly certified by the auditors of the company).


(b) The return, after completion, should be filed with the Registrar of Companies with a copy to the Joint Chief Officer, Department of Financial Companies (Central Office Cell), Reserve Bank of India. 16th Floor, NCOB, S.B. Road, Bombay-400 023.


2. The submission of the return should not be delayed for any reason such as the finalization / completion of the audit of the annual accounts. The return should be completed on the basis of the figures available in the books of account of the company.


3. The number of accounts should be given in actual figures while the amounts of deposits should be given in thousands of rupees. Amount should be rounded off to the nearest tho

usands, for example, an amount of Rs. 4,560 should be shown as 5 and not as 4.6 or 5,000. Similarly, an amount of Rs. 61,495 is to be shown as 61 and not 61.4 or 61,000.


4. The period-wise classification of deposits should be made against the various heads under item Nos. 2(a) and 4(a) of Part I of the return according to the periods for which they have been originally received/last renewed and not according, to the period they have to run as from the 31st March i.e. the date of the return.


5. In case there is nothing to report in any part of the return, it should be marked ‘Nil’ and the Manager’s/Managing Director’s/Authorized Official’s Certificate appended to the return should be duly signed.

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