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Form 5 – The Company Law Board Regulations, 1991

Form No. 5 : Memorandum of appearance

[See regulation 18(3)]




The Bench Officer,

Company Law Board ________________ Bench

In the matter of ___________________________ Petitioner

versus _________________________ Respondent

[CP No. _______ of __________199___.]




    Please take notice that I, AB, Secretary in Whole-time practice/ practicing Chartered Accountant/practicing Cost and Works Account, am duly authorized to enter appearance and do hereby enter appearance, on behalf of ___________________ petitioner/opposite party/Registrar/ Regional Director/Government of _________________ in the above mentioned petition.

    *A copy of the resolution passed by the Board of directors authorizing to enter appearance and to act for every purpose connected with the proceedings for the said party is enclosed, duly signed by me for identification.

Dated _________________ day of ____________19_____.


Yours sincerely,




Telephone No. _______


Enclosure: as aforesaid

* Strike, if not applicable

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