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Anti-aging makeup tricks

1.Apply mascara and liner only to upper lashes, to eliminate under eye smudging, which can make you look tired.

As you age, you start to notice the skin around the eye taking on its own set of wrinkles. While they aren’t particularly noticeable to others, they are actually enhanced by wearing eye makeup.

2.To really open up droopy eyes, use one coat of curl-enhancing mascara in addition to your eyelash curler.

3.Skip mascara altogether by having eyelashes professionally tinted.

4.A well-shaped brow gives your whole face a lift. A monthly visit to an eyebrow groomer makes it easy for you to get a perfect arch – without having to help it along with eyebrow powder every morning.

5.Cover blotchiness with a creamy foundation stick, and then use it to conceal under eye darkness and prime eyelids for shadow.

6.The new gel eye-lining pencils help color glide onto the base of lashes, so you won’t end up with a harsh, dated line.

7.To minimize fine facial lines, shower in the morning instead of at night.

Humidity hydrates the skin, moisturizer traps it, and the temporary “plumping” can last throughout the day.

8.The right shade of taupe or cocoa powder can perform triple duty – use it as a shadow, to fill in eyebrows, and to line eyelashes.

9.A creamy lipstick or one of the new chubby cheek-and-lip crayons can double as blush – and add moisture to dry skin.

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