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Diabetes treatment with Home Remedies

Diabetes or “Prameha” (as it is known Ayurvedically) literally means “excessive urination or essence of life going out via urine”. Ayurveda classifies diabetes as a metabolic disorder caused by vitiated Kapha dosha. It also classifies this disease into 24 types depending upon the vitiated dosha and affected tissues and suggests that the primary causes for the disease are lifestyle habits and consumption of high fatty foods and drinks.

Ayurveda recommends purification and rejuvenation therapies for diabetes. However in today’s practice, Ayurveda doctors go by the principles of modern medicine to control this disease. They primarily advise diabetes patients to switch to a diet with limited protein, carbohydrate and fat intake.

Five-fold purification
Ayurveda recommends the five fold purification therapy to clear out the auto-antibiotics. This process includes herbal oil application followed by medicated steam bath and medicated enema, purgation, or vomiting therapy. Apart from all purification therapies, Ayurveda also recommends walking or brisk walking for at least 8 kms a day and regular practice of yoga to help relieve the tension and stress.

Common herbs like turmeric, Neem, Indian gooseberry, Indian Asparagus, Indian ginseng, Jamun seeds and bark, Tenospora cordifolia bark, etc. are widely recommended as single herbs or compound herbs for this condition.

One can try any one or two of the following home remedies. But kindly monitor your blood sugar levels.

Fresh juice of bitter gourd or rose apple or holy fruit leaves or bark of neem tree or jamun tree is advised as a powder in empty stomach. Ayurveda gives a special emphasis on fresh juice of Indian gooseberry/jamun fruits in diabetes context. Some of the traditional or tribal practitioners claim the fresh juice or powder of Swertia chirrata is an effective remedy for Diabetes.

Ayurveda and other traditional and tribal medical systems claim that the turmeric powder itself is an effective remedy for Diabetes. Modern scientific researches also suggest that the regular use of turmeric powder just before food reduces the insulin dependency in insulin dependent diabetes.

Many modern researches suggest that the fresh juice of Aloe vera is effective in preventing the complications of diabetes such as neuropathy.

As a home remedy, the water soaked seeds of fenugreek may be taken in empty stomach. The same is advised with powders of white pepper with milk in some regions.

Ayurvedic texts recommend decoctions of Triphala, fenugreek, Cypress roots, Terminalia arjuna bark, Cymplochus racemosa bark, Tenospora cordifolia, Tribulus roots, Terminalia belerica and Swertia chirrata with small amount of ghee to completely eradicate diabetes.
Ayurveda recommends the Kapha dosha reducing diet that involves the following:


Avoid excessive intake of sweets, rice and dietary products like rice, potato, sugar, sugarcane products, sweet and slime fruits.

Consume lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Roasted fried barley, corn, barley porridge, barley soup, and ghee should preferably be included in the diet.

Herbs like Tribulus roots, Tenospora bark, Triphala, Cypress roots, cardamom, fenugreek, and coriander should be included in the diet.

Triphala with Indian gooseberry juice helps improve diabetes.

Take plenty of green vegetables, black gram, soy, fish etc.

Copper water: Put one cup of water into a copper vessel at night and drink it in the morning.

Bengal gram (Besan) flour is mixed with barley flour and made into Chapatis. These are given to the patient instead of wheat flour Chapatis.

use Gymnema Sylvestre plant leaves, chewing few leafs of the plant suppresses the taste of sugar. Thus, the plant is extensively used for the neuropathic treatment of diabetes. The extract to the plant helps in suppressing the increase in the glucose level in the body and thus very helpful for diabetic patients.

One can try any one or two of the following home remedies. But kindly monitor your blood sugar levels.

Take 3gm. Triphala powder with 0.5gm. Shilajith.

Take 2 spoonful of turmeric juice or 2gm. turmeric powder twice a day with water.

Take Gudmar leaf powdered 2gm. twice with honey.

Bitter guard: It is grated and 2 tsp in ½ glass of water, soaked for about an hour or so and is taken on empty stomach in the morning and also in the evening.

During off-season of this vegetable, powder of sun dried and stored seeds of bitter gourd is taken either with water in the morning and evening or with boiled rice in both meals.

One teaspoon of Methi seed powder is effective and is to be taken daily in the morning on empty stomach.

Tender Neem leaves may be chewed raw in the morning followed by a glass of water.

Neem leaves roasted dry, may also be taken by the patient after grinding them.

Jambun seeds are finely powdered and one teaspoon be consumed daily with a glass of water in the morning on empty stomach.

Also finely ground green leaves of Jambun (10 leaves approx.) are given in the morning with water for only 10 days.

Guava leaves 125 gm are soaked in water overnight and strained and drunk in the morning on empty stomach.

Mango leaves (sheded ones and not plucked) are finely ground and a dose of 2 gm. is taken both in the morning as well as in the evening with water. Treatment is to be continued for two weeks. Also plucked fresh green mango leaves and boiled in ½ Litre of water till reduced to ¼th.
The decoction is strained and taken in the morning and evening.

Bael leaves are effective in controlling diabetes and are taken in various combination as under:
Five leaves of Bael, Neem and Tulasi each with 5 pepper and a few Gudannar leaves are ground into fine paste and made into small pills and taken daily in the morning on empty stomach.

Bael leaves by themselves, also serve as medicine. Bael is quite efficacious in bringing down blood sugar level. 10gm. Bael leaves to be grounded and taken every morning on empty stomach for 7 days.

Bay leaf (Tejapatra) powder, taken after lunch is highly effective.

Four white Sadabahar flowers boiled in water into decoction and taken once daily for 7 days.

Amla (gooseberry) juice extracted from fresh fruits and mixed with honey is given twice a day.


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  1. there is a rising incidence of Diabetes these days and you can blame high sugar diet and a lifestyle that is low on physical activities.

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