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Diet for Life

The purpose of the diet is to bring the hormone leptin into good working order in your body, leptin being a hormone that manages your weight-loss naturally when it is in healthy balance. The way the diet works is that by adding the right foods, a combination of anti-inflammatory and hormone-balancing foods, you reverse leptin resistance and reprogram your body.

What the book jacket doesn’t say is that the diet is abundant, full of absolutely delicious foods and menus, and it helps you feel vibrantly healthy because it is virtually bursting with antioxidants and fresh, natural, additive-free foods. The diet reflects leading edge science about the superfoods and nutrition, and as such your heart will benefit, as will every part of you. As I said earlier, it is a diet for life, not just weight loss.

Not only does the diet have the above attributes (the menus are really good and you can eat fruit), my teenaged daughter and I are both losing weight. The theory Dr. Galland proposes is that when your body no longer responds to leptin, it is impossible to slim down no matter how few carbs you eat, or what size your meals. As the hormone leptin comes into better balance, its weight-loss mechanism begins to work again.

The dinner menus on the diet can be made beginning to end in about 45 minutes, and it is easy to fold into a busy schedule, although putting together a lunch box for my daughter is taking some creativity.

The subtitle to The Fat Resistance Diet is Unlock the secret of the hormone leptin to: eliminate cravings, supercharge your metabolism, fight inflammation, lose weight, and reprogram your body to stay thin – forever.

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