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Diet tips for women in forties

Have a quick look at how you should respond to the changing body needs during forties. You should be very alert about the proper requirements of body at this age to avoid possible health problems.

Cut down on the amount of calories you consume. This step is important as the calorie burning capacity of your body reduces. As such, your body requires calorie in less quantity. This change is brought about in your body as you start nearing your menopause. In this situation if calorie consumption is not controlled, you can experience a weight gain.

Consume at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day. Drinking lots of water can help to cope with reduced calorie burning capacity of your body. However, consuming proper quantity of water is helpful for maintaining overall fitness of our body.

Eat fruits instead of drinking fruit juices if you feel hungry. You can drink a glass of water along with fruits. You should also avoid eating junk food. This step is necessary as at this age you would not be able to satisfy your hunger with limited amount of food as you could do it earlier. You can opt for fruits and raw diet if you feel hungry repetitively. This habit will help you to avoid fast food and reduce calorie consumption.

Most of the women experience a weight gain during forties. In such case you can always indulge your self in simple exercises or other alternatives like yoga.

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