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Easy tips for cracked cuticles

Moisturising is the best remedy for cracked cuticles. There are special cuticle moisturisers available in the market, or you could use a good cream or lotion.

Being a natural moisturiser, Vitamin E oil can also be used to take care of dried and cracked cuticles. Rub the oil over the cuticles.

Also try shea nut butter, if you can get hold of some. Shea butter or shea nut butter is naturally occurring fat, yellow or cream in colour, and it is a good moisturiser.

Mix honey, beeswax, plant butters and organic neem oil to make a sort of ‘nail balm’ for cracked cuticles.

Use a cuticle pusher to push your cuticles once a week. This prevents them from getting cracked further.

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