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Fat burning Food

Most of us are in search of a diet plan that will help us in reducing weight and toning our bodies. Let us turn our attention to the kind of foods that may be called as “fat burners”. Well, the hot and spicy Indian cuisine is believed to have weight reducing properties.

Mustard Oil :Though the modern fad is to use olive oil for reducing weight, the mustard oil has good amount of nutritional value and fat reducing properties. It has low saturated fat. The oil contains essential acids like fatty acid, oleic acid, erucic acid, and linoleic acid. Mustard oil is also good for a healthy heart as it contains antioxidants and some useful vitamins.

Buttermilk :Swap those diet colas and cups of tea and coffee with this somewhat sour drink. Since it is obtained after churning the butter it contains only 2.2 Gms of fat and 99 calories, which is pretty low in comparison to whole milk. It strengthens the immunity and has all the essential nutrients. Since it is low in fat, it does not add calories to the body and cuts fat from the body.

Honey :Replace regular sugar with honey whenever possible. It is one of the most effective foods for obesity. Honey works by mobilizing the extra fat in the body, allowing the energy released to be utilized for other functions of the body. It could be taken with freshly squeezed lemon juice in hot water, early in the morning.

Turmeric :Turmeric is an essential fat-cutting Indian food. It is used in almost every Indian gravy dish. Turmeric has a compound called curcumin, the properties of which may help to turn off certain genes that cause scarring and enlargement of the heart. Regular intake of turmeric helps in reducing the LDL (bad cholesterol), high blood pressure, prevents heart attack, increase blood circulation and prevents blood clotting.

Cinnamon and Cloves :Most Indian dishes use cinnamon and cloves as a major ingredient. These help in improving the insulin function, lower glucose, and triglycerides. They help people with type 2 diabetes.

Cabbage :Cabbage is next on the list of food that cut fat from the body. It inhibits the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. It can be had either raw or cooked.

Garlic :It contains a sulphuric compound allicin that has anti bacterial properties and helps in reducing cholesterol and fat from the body. It is a very effective fat reducing food.

Moong Dal :The bean sprouts are recommended in a lot of weight loss diets since it has very little calories. It is rich source of protein and fiber, and hence lowers cholesterol level. The sprouts are rich source of Vitamin A, B, C and E, potassium, calcium and iron. It improves digestion, because of the high fiber content and is effective in stabilizing blood sugar level.

Millets :Millets such as jowar, bajra, ragi are high in fiber and hence absorb cholesterol and helps increase secretion of bile which is responsible for cutting fat from the body.

Chillies :Indian food is known to be spicy. Chilies are another major ingredient Indian food and help cut fat from the body; they contain a compound called Capsaicin, which is a thermogenic food, meaning it produces lot of heat in the body, thereby causing the body to burn calories.

Curry Leaves :Curry leaves slightly bitter, they flush out bodily toxins and fat deposits. They help in reducing bad cholesterol levels. Including 10-12 curry leaves in daily diet, helps in weight loss.

Cardamom :It regulates metabolism and helps to cut fat from the body. It is a thermogenic herb and the heat released from it helps in melting the fat away. Cardamom aids digestion and helps in effective processing of other food items.

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