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Hair regrowth Home remedies

Diet Tips
There is almost nothing that a proper, balanced diet cannot solve. For a healthy hair growth, you need to maintain high iron levels in your blood. Your blood cells utilize iron to bring oxygen to your scalp, which helps activate hair growth. Green leafy vegetables like spinach are a good source of iron.

Proteins can also speed up hair growth. Since most of your hair and hair follicles are made up of protein, a diet lacking in protein can cause rapid hair fall. So make it a point to add enough of protein-rich food items in your diet, like tofu, beans, broccoli etc.

Vitamin B6 helps maintain hair, nails and skin. Therefore, you should have foods rich in vitamin B6, to make re-grow your hair.

Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water in a day. Increase in water intake means increase in toxin disposal, which again aids hair growth.

Other Tips

Head massage is something that has been practiced by the Indian women for many years. By going in for a head massage after hair wash, you can actually activate the sebaceous glands that enhance hair growth.
Massage coconut milk into your hair thrice a week. It will work against thinning of hair and help re-growth.

It is found that massaging your scalp with coriander leaves juice aids the process of hair re-growth.

Make amla oil (or gooseberry oil) by boiling dry amla in coconut oil. Now, massage your scalp with the same.

Give your hair a wash with apple cider vinegar and saga tea. This can help prevent hair-fall.

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