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Herbal Beauty Tips

To remove the dark marks caused by a bad sun tan, add 5 table spoons of rose water to one table spoon of lime juice and apply to face or affected area at night. Wash off with water the next morning to find clear beautiful skin.

To keep your skin and body smelling nice the whole day, add dried rose petals to your bath water. You are sure to smell lovely the whole day.. No need for an expensive perfume!

Chewing a cardamom is an excellent remedy for bad breath and also cuts down on excessive thirst.

To get rid of oily hair, just add three teaspoons of lime juice in the final rinse while washing your hair. Your hair will become much more manageable. Try this for two times in a week for two weeks to see astonishing results.

In order to get a cheap and effective face mask, grind a mixture of fruit (orange, lemon) and Vegetable (Cucumber) peels in a mixer. Apply the mixture as a face pack and wash after 20 minutes. Try this once daily, for 7 days to see a marked improvement in facial skin. Find glowing skin in a few days.

Remove scars on your hands and feet the natural way ?. Rub them with lemon peels 5- 7 minutes a day, twice a day for 7 days to see a marked improvement.

Try this alternative face mask: Prepare a mixture of sandal wood paste and raw milk in the ratio 1: 3 and rub on your face and hands. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off. Find glowing, beautiful lovely smelling skin. Try this once every two days for ten days and enjoy the difference.

For sparkling teeth , try sprinkling a pinch of soda bicarbonate on your tooth brush and brushing your teeth once a day for 10 days ? You will be amazed by the difference you can see after just 5 days .

Use the scrapings of bitter gourd ( Karela) to remove pimples and get rid of acne and black heads. Just rub the scrapings (peels) on your face, once a day for 3- 5 days to see, blackheads vanish and a marked reduction in pimples and acne.

To treat darkened elbows and lower arms, an effective solution is to prepare a paste of fresh milk cream, pinch of turmeric powder and two to three drops of basil ( tulsi) leaf extract . Apply this paste to the darkened are and leave overnight. Wash off in the morning. Repeat for 7 nights to find marked improvement.

To give your hair bounce, mix gram flour ( besan) with Starch from cooked rice and apply to hair . Wash after few minutes to find hair with flair.

To cure bad breath, boil a few fenugreek (methi) leaves in water and then use this water for gargling. You will find a marked improvement within 3 days of this usage.

To prevent pimples and reduce acne, wash your face with raw milk before you go to sleep. This is an effective and easy solution.

To prevent body odor, add a little ?alum? to your bath water.

To smoothen wrinkles and moisturize the skin the natural way, peel and core a small apple, mash it well and blend with one teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on the face and neck slowly in an upwards direction. Wash off with warm water after 15 minutes to see a marked improvement. Try this thrice a week for 3 weeks and then only once a week to find a distinct lack of wrinkles and moisturized skin.

For healthy and voluminous hair, heat coconut oil, add two flakes of garlic and three peppercorns to it. Cool and apply to your scalp for health hair.

One very effective way to cure bad breath is to eat a green unripe apple. It will naturally cleanse your mouth and give it a fresh feel. If apples are unavailable try a semi hard citrus fruit. It should be equally effective.

Rub your teeth with burnt almond shell powder to reduce the yellow tint. See a marked improvement in 7 days.

To moisturize and make smooth dry cracked skin, apply a mixture of glycerin, fresh cream and honey in the ratio 1: 1: 1. This is an effective cure for cracked heels also.

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