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Home remedies for influenza

Influenza is an acute disease similar to all fevers. Its symptoms are: high temperature, aches over whole of the body, stiffness of the limbs and a sore throat.

Keep the patient in a clean and airy place. Have the room incensed to drive out the germs from the atmosphere.

Make the patient eat only easily digestible food like moong dal, or sago kheer. Don’t let him take anything cold. Avoid all those things that generate phlegm in the body.

Ask the patient to smell a piece of camphor after every hour.

Make him do gargles with hot saline water.

Take basil leaves 10 gms., cloves 6 gms, salt as per the taste and boil the whole lot in about 250 ml. of water. When the quantity of water is halved due to boiling strain it and ask the patient to drink it at four hourly interval.

Take bishop’s seeds (ajwain) and cinnamon in equal measure and boil both of them in about 500 ml. of water. When the water remains half of its original quantity, strain and give it to patient to drink at four hourly interval.

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