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How to avoid cancer caused by smoking

If you smoke, you can greatly reduce the risk of contracting cancer by drinking carrot juice. This according to the German Doctor Hans Nieper, founder of Eumatabolic Medicine, a new alternative mode of treatment which has become very popular in Germany. The carotene found especially in carrots prevents and can even cure cancer.
Dr. Nieper states, “If you smoke 60 cigarettes a day but drink 4 glasses of carrot juice, you will still be less prone to contract cancer than someone who doesn’t smoke but who doesn’t drink carrot juice.” Of course, if you don’t smoke and do drink carrot juice all the better!

1 thought on “How to avoid cancer caused by smoking

  1. my father(48 years old) smoke 25 to 30 cigarettes a day, now they are suffering from a smokingcough. they think that everything is all right and never goes to docters clinik for a health check up.
    i am very afraid for his life.
    i love my dad so much .
    please tell me what should i do, and what precautions should i take for my father, so that my father will live a longer and a happy lafe.

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