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How to Drink water

Water is miracle Fluide which even cure some of the problems of our body.if you use it right way.

Correct timing to drink water, will maximize its effectiveness on the Human body.
Two (02) glass es of water – After waking up – Helps activate internal organs
One (01) glass of water – 30 minutes before meal – Help digestion
One (01) glass of water – Before taking a bath – Helps lower blood pressure
One (01) glass of water – Before sleep – To avoid stroke or heart attack
When Is the Best Time to Drink Water When Working Out?

Always watch and be careful that you don’t get dehydrated.
Always watch and be careful that you don’t get dehydrated.

The best time to drink water when working out is before, during, and after exercising. Here are some guidelines you might use:

1. Twenty to 30 minutes prior to exercising, drink 8 oz. of water.

2. Every ten to 15 minutes during exercise, drink 4 to 8 oz. of water.

3. Within 30 minutes after exercising drink an additional 8 oz. of an electrolyte beverage or water.

4. For every pound of body weight lost after exercising, drink 16 oz. of water.

Tips About Drinking And Exercise
1. Try to sip during workouts.

Try to sip during workouts.
Don’t drink too much during exercise because it puts a strain on your body as it diverts blood flow to your stomach. Try to sip on fluids during workouts. It’s OK to gulp fluids after exercising.

Always drink water during workouts. During most workouts you’re not losing enough electrolytes to need a replacement drink like Gatorade. Your body will just flush out the extra electrolytes and keep in all the extra sugar. Save the Gatorade for after workouts.
Gaining Energy by Drinking a Fluid With No Energy Content At All.
2. It may seem odd that we gain energy by drinking a fluid with no energy content. However, the energy does not come from the water itself. Instead, the water improves energy production within the cells by providing an effective medium for chemical reactions to occur more efficiently. Our cells can metabolize energy from fats and sugars much faster when fully hydrated. We end up feeling more refreshed and more energized.
Start Off Fully Hydrated
3. It is an old myth that if you drink too much before working out you will get cramps. Cramps are more often the result of being dehydrated. Many people don’t drink enough during the day to be fully hydrated. Spending most of the day in a state of dehydration, even if it’s slight, can prevent you from achieving optimal performance. Studies have shown that athletes lose up to ten percent of their performance by being even slightly dehydrated.

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  1. Great insights and practical tips, well done Bhai. All men who seek good health and do not want to be let down by their body in their life, should learn the unique place adequate drinking of water holds in the life of a healthy man.


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