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Knee care

The knee joints the tibia and femur bones of human body, and therefore it is very essential to look out of our knee. It supports the whole weight of the body and it accepts and transfers the biomechanical load between the tibia, femur, patella and fibula bones. The knee joint is the complex joints of the human being body. There are many chances of getting injured.

The exact structure of the knee joint:

There is a slight revolving part, which is responsible for this movement; it is known within last 50 years. This component is responsible for numerous injuries.

There are two main types of knee muscles go across the knee:

one is quadriceps and the other is hamstrings. The front muscles are named quadriceps and back muscles are named hamstrings. The ligament holds the bones in the knee joint jointly that is to say the reason it is thus important part of the knee joint.

The structure made with meniscus or meniscal cartilage is as well related with the knee joints. The C-shaped tissue, which fits connecting the femur and tibia, is called meniscus that looks after the joint and allows the free movement of bones. There is a small fluid sac that is called bursa; it facilitates the muscles and tendons to move freely with the movement of the knee in the human body.

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