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Nail Care

Nail care is very important. It provides the finishing touch to a polished persona. Neglected nails paint a poor picture. They tell you a great deal about a person.

You may have strong and healthy nails, but if you use them the wrong way, it may weaken your nails and split them. We’re constantly using our hands, so the chances of ruining our nails are pretty high.

So how do we need to take care of our nails?

Kitchen work can break nails like nothing else can. Always use rubber gloves when you scrub and scour at kitchen utensils – especially if you are using a scrubber that has metal wires.

You can’t file your nails just about anyway. Filing them the wrong way can make your nails brittle and damage them for months to come.
Never file your nails to a sharp point. The nail has no protection then and will end up breaking sooner than later.

The top of your nail has to be filed to complement the base. If the base is square, file the top square too. If the base is round, the top should be round too.

Don’t ever over file your nails. Do the minimum filing necessary to give your nails the right shape.

Creaming your nails is vital for their well being. The more they are oiled and creamed, the more beautiful the will be. Creaming helps improve your nail texture.

Before you give yourself a manicure, dip your nails in warm oil for about ten minutes.

Never apply new nail polish on old polish. You will weaken the nail by doing it.

Consume adequate calcium products. They will give you health bones and nails.

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