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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and weight lose remedies.

This is written after testing with many who used this remedy and found useful.

PCOS can causes irregular or painful menstrual cycles, body hair, masculine type body (Women with PCOS produce male hormones called androgens slightly higher in amounts)
other symptoms like, Weight problems, often including weight gain around the waist; Skin problems, including skin tags, darkening skin and acne etc. women with pcos will not get all these symptoms together.

One of the best treatments for PCOS is a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet low in refined carbohydrates is important, Those who has PCOS should Avoid Milk and eggs completely, and consume no red meat, Ice cream, cake, Sugar, fried things.


Take one spoon of Kalonji oil (Nigella sativa) with one glass of Aloe Vera juice regularly.


Prepare 4 glass of beetroot, oranges, (1kg each) Ginger (400grms) and Garlic (300grms) juice, boil on slow flame and keep it in Fridge.
Every morning take half glass of this juice, add one spoon of Black strap or pomegranate molasses, one spoon honey and one spoon of Apple cider vinegar and add water and make one glass and drink early morning empty stomach half an hour before breakfast alternate weeks.

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  1. This blog about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and weight lose remedies..
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