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Removing Candle Wax From Your Clothes

Supplies Needed
Paper Towel


Almost immediately after spilling wax on your clothing, turn the soiled area over and hold it in such a way that it is parallel to the floor, facing the latter. This will help prevent the wax from spreading over.

Now, keeping the soiled area in the same position, move it to a sink or counter, to prevent the wax from dripping onto your carpet or some other surface that is hard to clean.

After you feel that the wax has cooled down and hardened, with no chances of spilling over to other areas of the garment, you need to place the soiled clothing inside the freezer.

While keeping the garment inside the freezer, make sure to place it in such a way that the soiled area is away from the rest of garment as much as possible.
After the garment has been inside the freezer for somewhere around 30 minutes, you can take it out. Now, start peeling away pieces of wax, with your nails or a pair of tweezers.

Keep on peeling the wax till you feel that no more will come out, without damaging the garment. In the meantime, plug in your clothing iron and set it to a low heat setting.

Get four sheets of paper towels and keep the soiled area of your garment in-between them. Place the warm iron on top of the paper towel, just above the stained area. Slowly move the iron back and forth, in turn making the wax melt and get absorbed by the paper towel.

Repeat the above step a number of times, till you feel that all the wax has come out of the clothing. An indication of this will be that no more wax would be absorbed by the paper towel.

While ironing the paper towels, make sure that your iron is not set on steam pressing. Otherwise, rather than removing the wax, the iron will make a stain set in, which will be almost impossible to remove.

If you feel that the wax has left a stain on your garment, squirt a small amount of dish washing liquid on the stain and rub it in. Now, launder the garment in the washing machine and air-dry.

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