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Stop catching colds

As much as possible, avoid coming into close contact with infected persons, especially if they cough or sneeze.
A person with a cold is extremely contagious: he or she fills the air with fine particles of saliva or mucous which transport the virus microbe. Even if the person is careful to wipe his nose with tissue or a handkerchief, the microbes will be transported to his hands.
And studies have shown that these viruses are transmitted through hand contact. So if you have to shake hands with someone who has a cold, you would better wash soon after!

What can you do if you do catch a cold ?
It is useless to take antibiotics: they have no effect on viruses.
However, there are certain substances found in alcohol which help decongest sinuses, that is why a good hot toddy can work wonders.
But take care of your liver: a toddy is just as good with a little rum as with a lot.
You don’t have to get drunk to get better. You don’t even have to drink it – just sniff some strong alcohol like cognac or brandy and breathe in the fumes.

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