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Tips for Healthy, Docotr Free Life

These are the simple way of diet to have better and Healthy Life, as per Indian Standard of Life.

There is no BIG article or Book to have Perfect Healthy normal Life, It can be written in one line.

If you are 30+, reduce your intake of Sugar/Salt and Oil, workout for an hour and have Balanced diet. that’s it only one line, if you follow this, you can avoid seeing Doctors forever.[ SORRY doctors ]

So what is Balanced diet….? without Sugar / Salt and Oil….!

This is not written after calculating calories with each diet Plan. This is not a special diet Plant which burn your Valet than Fat. Just few steps without spending much.

and this is not Just a diet Plan but Way of Life you can say.

Sleep at least 5/6 hours.
Getup at a Fix time, Even on holidays, before sunrise is better, once a while it’s ok if you slept late.
Drink at least 2 Glass of Luke warm water as soon as you get up.
If you are 30+ and having sign of Diabetic, take Diabetes Powder [ Find here ] one spoon along with 2 Glass of water.
Brush after 30 minutes;
Exercise for 30 to 1 hours if you do not work out in the evening make it 1 hours early morning. If you staying in a apartment of 10 floors, you can just go up and down few time or whenever you are going out without and handbag or carry anything you can use steps instead elevator.
Walk as much as possible, Whenever Possible.
Take Bath with cold water after exercise. Wipe dry your hair, do not use hair drier.
Do not take head Bath daily.
Use soap nut/shikakai mix instead shampoo, which is less expensive and far better than any shampoo in the World.
Take breakfast after 30 minutes after you drink water.
Avoid Tea / coffee instead have Orange / carrot / water melon / pomegranate juice / Wheat grass Juice is Better.
Tender coconut with Pinch of salt is better
Or less Fat milk with more water with pinch of turmeric and a spoon of Honey if you need little sweetness
Chicoo or Banana shake
Avoid Butter / Jam instead use honey or take bread / chapatti / kaboos / rice roti with hummus / pea nut butter / homemade fruits Jam or Honey, You can also make Homemade Jam with Dates which is better than any Jam in the world.
Steamed dishes Like Iddli is better, Dosa without oil.
Take a plate full of fruits and nuts, take a heavy breakfast.
make one Plate of Fruits with a Bannan,chicoo,pappaya,tomato,Orange,musambi,Graps,Pineapple,Apple or any seasonal fruits like Mango, water melon. Figs and do not forget Jackfruit is king of all fruits, Never Avoid it.
you can add these Nuts and others to your Fruit plate like Almond, chest nut,peanut,pistachio,cashewnuts,dry coconut and Dates.
After breakfast drink as much water as Possible, at least one full Glass.
Never hold your Urine, pass it as soon as possible you Feel.
Avoid Air-condition, if you are sweating never enter A/C room with it or coming from outside heat do not enter A/C rooms directly.
Always wash your hands/feet/face once you come from outside. Taking bath with cold water is better.
Do not drink Tea with Milk, Black Tea is better

For Lunch.

2 chapatti / roti / kaboos or 2 slice of bread with Dal / curry (made with less oil)
Boiled egg or Omelet with lots of Onion /Tomato.
OR Grilled Chicken breast / Fish or any White meat
#)Plate full of salad of carrot /onion /tomato /capsicum /beetroot /cabbage /celery /spinach /Cucumber.
Glass of Buttermilk


Rice with yogurt
Steamed Diced potatoes / sweet potatoes / cauliflower / broccoli with olive oil, Black pepper, spring onion and chopped coriander leaves
Big Bowl of Salad (#) as above along with a onion and 3(big) pod of garlic

Leave one meal once a week.
If you are Office worker, do not sit in one place for long, stretch / walk in intervals.
Walk in sunshine.
Drink lots of Water
Avoid Pickle
After the age of 40 take more liquid food / juice.
Do not continue gazing TV/Monitor, Often gaze far away object like tree outside window.
Sleep on back, Avoid sleeping on left or face down.
Do not smoke, or Drink, taking Wine is OK.
Avoid Fried food and Fast food.
Do not lift heavy things.
Add one spoon of sesame oil and olive oil to salad always.

//Composed by someone who Practice it, who have not seen Doctor for last 15 years.

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