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Tips to wear leg warmers

Here’s how you can incorporate leg warmers into your wardrobe!

With Tights
Wearing tights with leg warmers – it looks absolutely adorable! Pair your leggings/tights with a warm sweater dress and your Uggs. Make sure you wear your leg warmers underneath your Uggs or boots, so that they peek out.

Over Boots
Wear your leg warmers over a pair of slim boots with either tights, leggings, or skinny jeans. Make sure the color of your leg warmers go together well with your boots. It’s always best to pick up a pair of leg warmers in neutral colors such as brown, taupe, or black for more versatility.

With Skinny Jeans
Leg warmers look amazing over a pair of skinnies. You can either wear flats, boots (leg warmers can be worn under boots or over top), or Uggs.

For the most part, leg warmers should be kept away from frilly, feminine dresses. Sweater dresses or short denim skirts over tights are definitely a go though!

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