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What women want in their men

What women want?’ This is one question that has always left guys scratching their heads, and now the women have themselves come out in open to reveal what exactly they look for in their dream man.

Women on MY Sun’s Woman forum have finally decided to put men out of their misery and come clean about what makes them tick.

One user, dollyminxture said that she was looking for a simple set of qualities.

“Honesty for a start. Someone who is gonna look after us and make us laugh,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

On the other hand, Hazeleyes1969 is looking for a fragrant friendly man with “camaraderie, attraction, great sense of humour, honesty, great conversationalist … nice smell!”

And perfection is what ebony-roses-mum is looking for, and she said: “To know how to work all the kitchen appliances and know the A – Z of female body parts.”
“I really want a guy that doesn’t get offended if I chuck him out of bed when I have finished with him,” said Loulou85.

Another user bos-deak likes a bit of a bad boy: “I prefer real men, rugged, bit of stubble, rough hands (shows they’re a grafter) one that smells like a man … not of expensive aftershave,” she said.

In her opinion, men also need to have a softer side, saying: “Then they must have a sense of humour.”

For Bbird, the ideal man should be hygienic, and the ideal qualities for her are: “Respect for others, a sense of humour, a love of animals – especially dogs – clean fingernails … not too much to ask, is it?” she said.

User Jamela’s model man doesn’t need a model physique: “I love a man with a bit of weight, I love bellies and I don’t care, rough looking, a man smell … Don’t like men that are more in love with themselves than anyone else, it’s a turn off.

“I like a man to be sensitive, do their part in the housework and cooking or at least cleaning … most important to know that they are as equal as a woman, can’t stand a man who thinks they are more overpowering than their partner … annoying!”

However, lovelyrita confessed that guys might find it difficult to figure out the female mind.

She said: “How can men be expected to know what women want when women don’t know what they want? Some women are their own worst enemies!”

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