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Wrinkle Free Life

While you are young, the skin does a great job of stretching and holding in moisture. This elasticity is all thanks to certain fibers – present in the skin called elastin. This is responsible for keeping the skin at its youthful best. The protein collagen gives the skin it’s plump appearance and also prevents formation of wrinkles. The depletion of this protein collagen results in the skin becoming thinner- making the epidermis sag and to reveal the first signs of ageing – wrinkles !!

Wrinkles first appear around your eyes and under them, and also on your forehead. This is so because our eyes have thin and delicate skin prone to allergies and dryness. Dryness aggravates fine lines and so does unprotected sun exposure.

Here are some Home Remedies to keep those wrinkles at bay …

If you have a dry skin , apply coconut or castor oil and leave it overnight . If you are using castor oil, make sure you avoid the eye area, as it will cause irritation.

Start your day with one teaspoon of honey with grated ginger added to it. Honey is known to have the power to curb the wrinkle lines You can also apply honey directly on to your face and wash off after 15 minutes.

Apply egg white on your face and leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse well and pat dry.

Do you know ?

Alcohol indirectly stimulates wrinkle formation! . Alcohol causes water retention, bloating and puffing the body. But once alcohol content gets cleared up from the body, so does puffiness. This makes the appearance of fine lines prominent.

Facial exercises supply increased blood to the face . This keeps the face glowing and wrinkle free. Laughter is highly recommended to keep those wrinkles away.

Never avoid using reading glasses as this causes wrinkles around the eyes.

Smoking also stimulates the formation of wrinkle lines around the mouth.

Anti wrinkle creams and gels work best in the night. This is because the metabolism of the skin is four times more in the night .

There are many common foods especially useful for clear blemish free youthful skin.

Anti Wrinkle treatments are primarily as follows:

Chemical or glycolic facial peels and masks
Microdermabrasion or skin polishing.
Fillers or derma lifts
Botox for dynamic expression lines.

Chemical or glycolic facial peels are provided by Beauty Parlors and Health shops and help in prevention of wrinkles. The other three effective treatments require professional expertise. A trained doctor (dermatologist) will normally offer these three treatments.

Try home made face masks made with cucumber peels and shredded orange peel paste. Apply on face and wash off after 15 minutes.

Botox is effective for Dynamic expression lines but is painful as it involves injections and is also quite expensive.

We now have an effective substitute for Botox. New Collagen substitutes have been discovered and they are very effective in reducing wrinkle lines. There are many brands in the market with essentially the same function. They reduces wrinkles by helping the skin rejuvenate and help smoothen wrinkle lines. However they may require regular application to be effective.

These Collagen substitutes are sold under various brand names and are normally offered free for a trial period. Try them to see any improvement before deciding on regular use. A doctors advice can also be useful before using any such product.

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