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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.

Writers Needed for MGTOW Book

Here is an invitation for men interested in taking part in writing a chapter for a book being put together by Timber Wolf and Legacy Books of the MGTOW cause. If you feel there is something serious that you could add to this upcoming book please contact Wolf using the email given below, or the HN rep on this forum.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
                                   It is with some trepidation and excitement that I make the following announcement.Over the past few days, I have been in conversation with a personal friend who happens to own a start-up publishing company. As a self-respecting MRA, I would be derelict in my duty to men, if I did not take the opportunity to inquire as to whether or not said publisher would be sympathetic to the plight of men, and therefore willing to publish a scholarly level book on MGTOW. I am extremely pleased to announce that this person has had his life personally damaged by pro-feminist policies, and is therefore willing to consider publishing MGTOW: The Book.

But, I don’t believe I can do it alone. MGTOW should not be the voice of one man alone, MGTOW should be many voices. And therefore, I ask for your assistance. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am officially looking for people who would be willing and prepared to contribute to a formal text on MGTOW. Anyone who is willing to adhere to a few rules is welcome to contribute. Anyone who submits something which goes to publication will receive financial compensation for their hard work.

Since this is a serious work, I must impose some rules:

-No vulgarity – terms like “femcunt” are right out. You can get away with “feminazi” and maybe “mangina” in the proper context.

-This will be an academic work. Research is going to be important, so learn to cite your sources. You don’t necessarily need to do primary research, but no plagiarism will be tolerated.

-The specific topic is largely up to you, so long as it remains within the realm of MGTOW.

-You can’t throw out personal attacks

-You can certainly refute feminism, in fact, the more the better1

That’s all for now. Further inquiries and/or submissions can be mailed to canadian.masculinist@gmail.com

We cannot afford to pass up this opportunity, it may be the only one we get. Let’s make the most of it!

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