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Letter To VadiRaj

When i told VadiRaj, her class mate, go and meet her sisters, he took her side,as he was her class mate and i`m just stranger to him; he was also thinking i`m wrong.
so i wrote a last letter to him as he denied to Chat with me.

Here is the letter i wrote to him

Dear Vadi;
I would like to thank you, for your efforts, I’m always grateful to you.

If you still thinking, what you said, when you found out, whom who are talking to. I always told you he truth other than my location.

I know people believe in women and their words, even if they are false, and most of the time lies seems more realistic than the truth.

You can judge yourself,

When women ask to watch TV in her husband one-hour share in whole day, when all housework is pending.

They were accusing me, that she lost her Eye sight, she or any of her relatives never told this before, I do not where they made such story, If they want to prove it even today, medically they can prove it.

They told you I have Affair with SWISS girl, I can swear on my son Glenn’s name, so far I do not know any Swiss girl, There was no young girl in my neighborhood, otherwise they would have told you, I have other Affair, But you can ask any of neighbors, they tell now, women can’t runaway without reason, there should be someone (MAN) behind her, “we seen many times someone was coming home, at afternoon to meet her…….!

Helen told you I put her out at midnight, If she is going out t make calls and never returns, then what I have to do, she left at 10.30 but did`t returned till 11.30, what she was doing, for one hour, she was going out always with simple dress, why she dressed Fully even Glenn; I do not deny she did`t came back, I was waiting for her for one hour, then I went to sleep, coz next day I was having 1st shift, you may wondering, why I did`t went out search her, coz before that she did the same thing, and she returned next day. As per their Claim, I put her out at midnight, and Helen came there to take her, why she did`t come up and asked me, or knock the door, but she came next day, and they had no words to say, WHY…

Helen Admitted that I do not drink, but go and ask Diana’s neighbor in shirva, what her mother told Everyone, that I was coming home drunk, and beating her.

I will not tell, I’m innocent, all these and their statements shows that they are telling lies.

That’s why she and her parents walked away from church on 1st July 2000.

She never came to court to prove her Complaint (498a).

Can she explain where that naked Photo came from…!

You can ask her How much gold she took from my house, which Belongs to me. These are crude Truth they are never able to deny,

They have any such claims…..? Other than those lies….

Here I’m not going to Claim anything than, just telling the facts, its up to you to decide. Coz you were with her for 3 years Together. And I’m Just a Stranger.

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