AutoBiography of a Dowry Law Victim

My Struggle with Legal Terrorism

She Took Everything By FORCE

Next day 6th July I went to office as usual;
No one knows what had happened in last 2 days; I did `t told anyone about it.
I just missed my son Glenn; as he was wishing bye when I leave to office;
I liked to sleep on my chest when I got up in the morning;
He used to eat breakfast from my hand;

I wept for hours thinking about him;

He was not with me, still I was hearing his voice and foot steps.

I felt no hunger or thirst;

I came back from office; and prepared just rice and had with just pickle.

At around 10PM someone rung my door bell; and I opened it.

I saw she was standing there with her two cousin sisters; one of the cousin sister husband was in jail for 7 years for murder.

I asked; what do you want now;
She said I have my cloths here, I want to take;

I allowed them in;

They did not came to take cloths, but insult me, humiliate me, they checked kitchen what I have prepared there was nothing, they laughed at me saying see now he is sleeping empty stomach.

I told them, get all your things and get lost;

She took Everything, her cloths, utensils and everything she think that belongs to her; Even she took
5 gold Chains which I and my parents gave to Glenn;
One Glenn Bracelet which was given by my Brother;
One my chain worth almost 25,000 Rs. Given by my Brother.
My 2 rings;
2 rings I gave it to her
2 Chains worth 40,000 Rs, which I gave it to her.
One Bracelet;

Other than gold she also took one lakh worth Insurance which I made for her and paid all premium.
Another Insurance worth 50000 in Glenn name;

That day I did`t know, what they are taking, I was made to sit in hall when she was packing in the Bedroom.

They took Everything and left after one hour laughing at me.

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