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Minced Mango Pickle

12 Nos. Mango fleshy and large.
4 Teacup Salt
200 Grammes Garlic Mince the garlic
200 Grammes Ginger Mince the ginger
100 Grammes Chillies, Green Mince the chillies
Half Bottle Vinegar
100 Grammes Chillies, Red Dry Powder Masala
A Little Turmeric/Haldi Powder Masala
Half Tablespoon Mustard Seed Powder Masala
Half Tablespoon Asafetida (Hing) Powder Masala
Half Bottle Sweet Oil
A Few Curry Leaves

1. Remove a thin layer of the skin. Then make thick slices of the mango, touching the seed.
2. From these slices, make very small cubes of mince.
3. Make 2 cups of powdered salt, and rub it into the minced mango pieces.
4. Place the pieces in a wooden vessel, with a lid to press down the mango pieces with a heavy weight for pressure.
5. Next day, remove the minced pieces from the brine, squeeze all water, and keep aside, for drying.
6. Make a minced masala from, garlic, ginger and green chillies.
7. Boil 2 cups of salt, in 4 cups of water. Build for half an hour, till salt crystals begin to form.
8. Add the vinegar to the boiling salt water.

Powder Masala: – 9 Powder ingredients

10. Add the powdered masala to the vinegar and salt solution. When cool, add the mango pieces.

11 Temper with sweet oil and mustard. Put this into the pickle. When cool, bottle the pickle.

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