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Dates Wine


3 kilo dates
1 or 1 ½ kilo sugar
2 Tea spoon yeast
Handful of rice (boiled)
handful of wheat seeds


Take half glass of boiling water, add yeast, stair it well, close & keep it aside for 15 minutes. 

Soak the dates for 7-8 hrs, and then separate the seeds.  Grind the dates into paste, add water while grinding, pour it into a small plastic bucket, and add 2-3 bottles of filtered water.

Add sugar, mix well then put the rice, wheat and last add the  yeast. Stir it well and keep it closed.  Once in 2 days stir it well for 2 weeks and keep it air-tight for 22 days.  If it is summer it will be ready within 22 days, during winter it takes nearly 2-3 months.  It gives light gold colour. Longer you keep you will get lovely colour and it becomes excellent.

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