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Sweet puff with Coconut filling


Grated fresh coconut – 2 cups ( I used the shredded coconut in the freezer section in Indian stores)

Sugar – 1 cup

Jaggery or brown sugar – half cup

Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon

Puff pastry sheets – 1 packet – I used pepperidge farm brand

Thaw the puff pastry sheets and the shredded coconut if you are using frozen.

Prepare the filling:

Cobine coconut, sugar and jaggery/brown sugar and a tablespoon of water and heat in a heavy bottomed kadai.

Keep in low to medium heat.

Keep stirring. You will notice that the consistency will loosen. But, after around 15 minutes, it will start thickening.

Mix in the cardamom powder.

Take off from heat when the consistency is thick at the same time a little moist too.

(Don’t wait until all the moisture is absorbed).

Keep it aside and wait until it comes to room temperature.

Making the sweet puffs:

Cut the pastry sheet into three parts. Make use of the folding. Then cut each part into two. There will be totally 6 small rectangles.

(Keep the unused portion of the pastry sheet in the fridge not in the freezer)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Take a tablespoon of the filling and place it in one side of the rectangle so that you can close the filling.

Close the filling and seal the sides. A drop of water can be used to seal.

Use a fork to make a design.

Repeat this for all the puffs.

Poke once on the top of each puff to vent.

Line the six puffs in a non stick baking tray.

Bake for approximately 25 minutes or until the surface is golden brown.

Take it out and cool completely before you taste. The filling will be really hot.

If the puffs are not sealed proplerly, there will be a leak. Discard the leaked filling on the tray.

Enjoy the sweet and delicious puffs. sprinkle powdered sugar on the puffs before serving.

Repeat these steps for the remaining pastry sheets and the coconut filling too. Thaw the pastry sheets before proceeding.

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