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Principles Governing Dying Declaration




Atbir …. Appellant(s)


Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi …. Respondent(s)



P. Sathasivam, J.

1) These appeals are destined opposite a final visualisation and sequence antiquated 13.01.2006 of a High Court of Delhi during New Delhi in Criminal Appeal No. 805 of 2004, Murder Reference No. 3 of 2004 and Criminal Appeal No. 876 of 2004 whereby a High Court discharged a rapist appeals filed by a appellants herein and arguable a sentence awarded by a schooled Additional Sessions Judge, Delhi in Murder reference.

2) The box of a assign is as under:

a) Atbir, a appellant in Criminal Appeal No. 870 of 2006 is a son of one Jaswant Singh. Jaswant Singh had married indicted Chandra @ Chandrawati, who is absconding and from a pronounced wedlock, 3 children, namely, Satbir, Atbir and Anju were innate to them. Thereafter, Jaswant Singh married Sheela Devi, a defunct and from their wedlock, one daughter Sonu @ Savita and one son Manish @ Mannu – a deceased, were born. Sheela Devi – a 2nd mom of Jaswant Singh was staying during Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, with her children. They were carrying brawl over a multiplication of their properties.

(b) On a afternoon of 22.01.1996, on receiving information of murder of a male and that of one harmed during N-33, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, Inspector Virender Singh, Addl. S.H.O., Mukherjee Nagar Police Station along with ASI Kanwar Lal, Ct. Manoj Kumar and Ct. Jogender Singh rushed to a place of occurrence and found dual passed bodies, one of womanlike and other of a child aged about 16 years in a adjacent room on a belligerent building of N-33, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi. Both were after identified as Smt. Sheela Devi, second mom of Jaswant Singh and her son Manish @ Mannu. It was suggested during a mark that one injured, namely, Sonu @ Savita, daughter of Sheela Devi was private to Hindu Rao Hospital in a PCR Gypsy. After withdrawal ASI Kanwar Lal during a spot, Inspector Virender Singh along with his group rushed to Hindu Rao Hospital and on publicity given by Dr. Sharat Chandra Jai Singh-PW 30 that “patient fit for statement”, accessible a matter given by Sonu @ Savita. In a statement, Sonu @ Savita purported that Chandra @ Chandrawati her step-mother, along with her son Atbir, one Ashok-appellant herein in Crl. Appeal No. 877 of 2006 and one chairman whose name she did not know entered their residence and demanded income from her mom Sheela Devi yet she refused. Accused persons bolted a doors from inside and Atbir took out a blade and stabbed Manish @ Mannu, who was reason by Chandra @ Chandrawati, Ashok and another. Thereafter, Atbir stabbed Sheela Devi and afterwards Sonu @ Savita with knife. On a above statement, a box underneath Sections 307 and 302 of a Indian Penal Code (hereinafter referred to as “I.P.C.”) was purebred during Mukherjee Nagar Police Station and review started. On 24.01.1996, Sonu @ Savita succumbed to her injuries and died during Hindu Rao Hospital.

(c) On execution of a formalities, a challan was filed in a Court of Metropolitan Magistrate and after execution of committal proceedings, a box was re- allocated to a Court of Additional Sessions Judge, Delhi. On 12.08.1997, a assign underneath Section 302 review with Section 34 I.P.C. was framed opposite indicted Atbir, Ashok and Chandra @ Chandrawati. On 24.08.1999, on filing a extra challan opposite indicted Arvind, a charge was re-framed opposite all a indicted persons, namely, Atbir, Ashok, Arvind and Chandra @ Chandrawati by a Court of Additional Sessions Judge, to that they pleaded not guilty and claimed trial. Prosecution examined as many as 41 witnesses and their statements were recorded. The Additional Sessions Judge, vide sequence antiquated 27.09.2004, convicted Atbir – appellant in Crl.A. No.870/2006 with genocide chastisement and Ashok- appellant in Crl. A. No. 877/2006 with life seizure and transparent Arvind. The indicted Chandra @ Chandrawati remained absconding. Being depressed by a sequence of a Additional Sessions Judge, Delhi, a appellants herein filed interest before a High Court. The murder anxiety was also sent by a Sessions Court to a High Court. The High Court, by a impugned visualisation and sequence antiquated 13.01.2006, arguable a commentary accessible by a Additional Sessions Judge and inspected a self-assurance of a appellants awarded by him. Against a pronounced judgment, a appellants have elite these appeals by way of special leave before this Court.

3) Heard Mr. K.B. Sinha, schooled comparison warn for a appellant in Crl. Appeal No. 870 of 2006, Mr. A.T.M. Rangaramanujam, schooled comparison warn for a appellant in Crl. Appeal No. 877 of 2006 and Mr. J.S. Atri, schooled comparison warn for a respondent-State.

4) Mr. K. B. Sinha, schooled comparison counsel, has lifted a following contentions:-

(i) Whether a failing stipulation finished before a military officer yet there being any certification from any other eccentric declare in itself is sufficient to crook a indicted with collateral punishment.

(ii) When there was sufficient time for a Magistrate to be called for recording a failing declaration, a matter finished before a Investigating Officer can be treated as failing stipulation and a self-assurance of a indicted with collateral punishment can be sustained.

(iii) When a Doctor-PW 30, in whose participation a purported matter “Dying Declaration” was recorded, has stated in his deposition that a trachea of a defunct Sonu @ Savita was ripped afterwards possibly a failing stipulation finished before a Investigation Officer enthuse a certainty to bottom a self-assurance on a pronounced solitary statement.

(iv) When all a injuries obliged for causing a death, as remarkable in a matter of alloy C.B. Dabbas- PW 9, who conducted a autopsy on a passed body, were on a neck afterwards possibly a failing stipulation finished before a I.O. can be relied on to bottom a conviction.

(v) Whether no certification of any kind is compulsory to a failing stipulation and a self-assurance can be formed usually on a failing declaration.

(vi) Whether a High Court is fit in holding that a lust for skill was a belligerent of a indicted persons for committing a murder.

(vii) Whether a courts next are fit in awarding genocide visualisation in a contribution and resources of a box and beliefs laid down by this Court.

5) Mr. Rangaramanujam, schooled comparison warn for one of a appellants reiterated really same contentions relating to recording of failing stipulation by a military officer when a Magistrate was really good available. He also submitted that in a deficiency of any confirmatory evidence, self-assurance usually on a basement of failing stipulation can't be sustained. He serve submitted that though, a knife, that was pronounced to be used and recovered, assign has not determined a tenure of a same.

6) Mr. Atri, schooled comparison warn for a State has submitted that in perspective of a sure statements by ensue of failing stipulation by Sonu @ Savita, accessible by military officer after certifying that she was in a fit state of mind to make a matter by a alloy joined with a accessible apportionment of Suresh Chauhan PW-2, Arvind Monga PW-4, Jaswant Singh PW-5, Ct. Kulvinder Singh PW-8, Dr. C.B. Dabbas PW-9, Dr. Ruma Jain PW-26 and Dr. Sharat Chandra Jai Singh PW-30, positively there is no belligerent for interference. He also highlighted that in perspective of aggravating circumstances, expelling a whole family and deliberation a savagery and well-developed depravity, a appellant-Atbir deserves collateral punishment. The life seizure imposed on a other accused, namely, Ashok is also pardonable and there is no current belligerent for division and prayed for ostracism of both a appeals.

7) We have delicately warn a opposition contentions and perused a applicable materials.

8) Among a several contentions lifted by both a sides, critical prejudiced relates to dual authorised submissions:-

a) Admissibility and trustworthiness of a failing stipulation finished by Sonu @ Savita before a Investigating officer.

b) Whether genocide visualisation insofar as Atbir and life visualisation insofar as Ashok is warranted.

(A) “Dying Declaration”.

It is loyal that in a box on hand, self-assurance underneath Section 302 was formed usually on a failing stipulation made by Sonu @ Savita and accessible by Investigating Officer in a participation of a Doctor. Since we have already narrated a box of assign that led to 3 deaths, expelling a second mom and a children of one Jaswant Singh, there is no need to span a same once again. This Court in a array of decisions enumerated and analyzed that while recording a failing declaration, factors such as mental condition of a maker, application of mind and memory, evidentiary value etc. have to be taken into account.

9) In Munnu Raja and Another vs. The State of Madhya Pradesh, (1976) 3 SCC 104, this Court held:-

“….It is good staid that yet a failing stipulation contingency be approached with warn for a reason that a builder of a matter can't be theme to cross- examination, there is conjunction a sequence of law nor a sequence of anticipation that has hardened into a sequence of law that a failing stipulation can't be acted on unless it is corroborated….”
It is loyal that in a same decision, it was held, given a Investigating Officers are naturally meddlesome in a success of a review and a use of a Investigating Officer himself recording a failing stipulation during a march of an review ought not to have been encouraged.

10) In Paras Yadav and Ors. vs. State of Bihar, (1999) 2 SCC 126, this Court reason that relapse on a prejudiced of a Investigation Officer in not bringing a Magistrate to record a matter of a defunct should not be taken in foster of a accused. This Court serve reason that a matter of a defunct accessible by a military officer in a slight demeanour as a censure and not as a failing stipulation can also be treated as failing stipulation after a genocide of a harmed and relied on if a justification of a assign witnesses clearly establishes that a defunct was unwavering and was in a fit state of health to make a statement.

11) The outcome of failing stipulation not accessible by a Magistrate was warn and reiterated in Balbir Singh & Anr. Vs. State of Punjab, (2006) 12 SCC 283. Paragraph 23 of a pronounced visualisation is applicable that reads as under:

“23. However, in State of Karnataka v. Shariff, (2003) 2 SCC 473, this Court definitely reason that there was no requirement of law that a failing stipulation contingency indispensably be finished before a Magistrate. This Court therein remarkable a progressing preference in Ram Bihari Yadav v. State of Bihar, (1998) 4 SCC 517, wherein it was also reason that a failing stipulation need not be in a form of questions and answers. (See also Laxman v. State of Maharashtra, (2002) 6 SCC 710).”
It is transparent that merely given a failing stipulation was not accessible by a Magistrate, by itself can't be a belligerent to reject a whole assign case. It also simplified that where a stipulation is unconditionally unsuitable or paradoxical statements are finished or if it appears from a annals that a failing stipulation is not reliable, a doubt might arise as to given a Magistrate was not called for, yet usually a same might not be insisted upon. This Court serve reason that a matter of a injured, in eventuality of her genocide might also be treated as FIR.

12) In State of Rajasthan vs. Wakteng, (2007) 14 SCC 550, a perspective in Balbir Singh’s case(supra) has been reiterated. The following conclusions are applicable that review as under:

“14. Though self-assurance can be formed usually on a failing declaration, yet any certification a same should not be pang from any infirmity.
15. While good gravity and sanctification is trustworthy to a difference of a failing male given a chairman on a verge of genocide is not expected to tell distortion or to sequence a box so as to implicate an trusting chairman yet a probity has to be clever to safeguard that a matter was not a outcome of possibly tutoring, call or a product of a imagination. It is, therefore, essential that a probity contingency be confident that a defunct was in a fit state of mind to make a statement, had transparent ability to observe and brand a assailant and that he was creation a matter yet any change or rancour. Once a probity is confident that a failing stipulation is loyal and intentional it is sufficient for a purpose of conviction.”
13) In Bijoy Das vs. State of West Bengal, (2008) 4 SCC 511, this Court after quoting several progressing decisions, reiterated a same position.

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14) In Muthu Kutty & Anr. Vs. State By Inspector of Police, T.N., (2005) 9 SCC 113, a following row and a ultimate finish are applicable that review as under:

“14. This is a box where a basement of self-assurance of a indicted is a failing declaration. The conditions in that a chairman is on a deathbed is so honest and relaxed when he is failing that a grave position in that he is placed, is a reason in law to accept sincerity of his statement. It is for this reason that a mandate of promise and interrogate are dispensed with.
Besides, should a failing stipulation be released it will outcome in miscarriage of probity given a plant being generally a usually watcher in a vicious crime, a ostracism of a matter would leave a probity yet a throw of evidence.

15. Though a failing stipulation is entitled to good weight, it is inestimable to note that a indicted has no energy of cross- examination. Such a energy is essential for eliciting a law as an requirement of promise could be. This is a reason a probity also insists that a failing stipulation should be of such a inlet as to enthuse full certainty of a probity in a correctness. The probity has to be on ensure that a matter of a defunct was not as a outcome of possibly tutoring, or call or a product of imagination. The probity contingency be serve confident that a defunct was in a fit state of mind after a transparent event to observe and brand a assailant. Once a probity is confident that a stipulation was loyal and voluntary, undoubtedly, it can bottom a self-assurance yet any serve corroboration. It can't be laid down as an comprehensive sequence of law that a failing stipulation can't form a solitary basement of self-assurance unless it is corroborated. The sequence requiring certification is merely a sequence of prudence.”

15) The same perspective has been reiterated by a 3 Judge Bench preference of this Court in Panneerselvam vs. State of Tamil Nadu, (2008) 17 SCC 190 and also a beliefs ruling a failing stipulation as summed adult in Paniben vs. State of Gujarat , (1992) 2 SCC 474.

16) The research of a above decisions clearly shows that,

(i) Dying stipulation can be a solitary basement of self-assurance if it inspires a full certainty of a Court.

(ii) The Court should be confident that a defunct was in a fit state of mind during a time of creation a matter and that it was not a outcome of tutoring, call or imagination.

(iii) Where a Court is confident that a stipulation is loyal and voluntary, it can bottom a self-assurance yet any serve corroboration.

(iv) It can't be laid down as an comprehensive sequence of law that a failing stipulation can't form a solitary basement of self-assurance unless it is corroborated. The sequence requiring certification is merely a sequence of prudence.

(v) Where failing stipulation is suspicious, it should not be acted on yet confirmatory evidence.

(vi) A failing stipulation that suffers from feebleness such as a defunct was comatose and could never make any matter can't form a basement of conviction.

(vii) Merely given a failing stipulation does not enclose all a sum as to a occurrence, it is not to be rejected.

(viii) Even if it is a brief statement, it is not to be discarded.

(ix) When a eye-witness affirms that a defunct was not in a fit and unwavering state to make a failing declaration, medical opinion can't prevail.

(x) If after clever scrutiny, a Court is confident that it is loyal and giveaway from any bid to prove a defunct to make a fake matter and if it is awake and consistent, there shall be no authorised snag to make it basement of conviction, even if there is no corroboration.

17) In a box on hand, a Additional Sessions Judge has found a failing stipulation credit estimable and has reason a same to have been finished by a defunct in a fit mental state to depose. The English interpretation of a failing declaration, as finished by a defunct to Inspector V.S. Chauhan-PW-41 in a participation of Dr. Sharat Chandra Jai Singh, PW-30 and as accessible by him, that was purebred as FIR reads thus:

Ms Sonu @ Savita, d/o Shri Jaswant Singh, aged 16 years, r/o – N-33, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi finished a following statement:-

“I reside during a aforesaid address. My father’s name is Jaswant Singh and that of my mom is Sheela. Today during about 2:30 p.m. My mom Sheela, hermit Mannu and myself were benefaction in a residence and were doing a work. At that time, my step mom Chandra, her son Atbir, one Ashok and one some-more person, whose name we do not know, entered a residence and demanded income from my mom whereupon, my mom told that she was not carrying money. Thereafter, Atbir took out a blade while my step mom Chandra, Ashok and a third one reason reason of my hermit Manish @ Mannu. Atbir, afterwards stabbed on my hermit and harmed him badly. Then, they reason reason of my mother. Atbir also harmed my mom badly. Thereafter they reason reason of me and gave several blade blows on me as a outcome of that we also got badly injured. we have witnessed a incidence. A. PCR Van has brought me (to a hospital). Legal movement might be taken accordingly.”

Sd/- Sonu (In English) Attested Sd/- V.S. Chauhan (In English) Dt. 2.1.1996 S.H.O.
P.S. Mukherjee Nagar,Delhi `The matter has been taken in my presence. The studious is in stoical mentis.’ Sd/- Sarat Chandra Jai Singh (In English) Dt. 22.1.1996 C.M.O.(5)”

After creation a above stipulation she herself sealed a same and it also carries an publicity by Dr. Sharat Chandra to a outcome that she was in a fit mental state. After clever analysis, a hearing Judge as good as a High Court found that there is sum clarity in a essence and it is not a box where a defunct was possibly rambling, uncertain or had contradicted herself. We have already adverted to a several decisions of this Court holding that there is no constraint that all failing declarations have to be finished before a Magistrate. In a box on hand, a occurrence occurred on 22.01.1996 during 2.30 p.m., a harmed Sonu @ Savita was authorized in a sanatorium during 3.30 p.m. and she finished stipulation during 4.05 p.m. on a same day. It is also applicable to note that immediately after recording her statement, alloy referred her to Emergency Ward to save her life. However, she died on 24.01.1996 during 12.30 p.m. The Inspector who accessible a matter was cross-examined and a sum and his justification was not cracked by a defence, in fact, not even a idea to a Investigation Officer about a accessibility of Magistrate during a applicable infer of time. Since a matter of Sonu @ Savita was really brief as to a resources and persons concerned who caused heartless injuries on her physique as good as her mom and brother, in serve to a same, Dr. Sharat Chandra has also authorized that during a applicable time she was in a fit mental state and permitted a same by putting his signatures nearby a signature of a deponent Sonu @ Savita. In such circumstances, there is no reason to mistrust a matter of Sonu @ Savita implicating a 3 indicted persons i.e. Atbir, Ashok (appellants herein) and Chandra @ Chandrawati (absconding accused).

18) Learned warn appearing for a appellants, by indicating out a inlet of injuries on a neck of Sonu @ Savita and her medical report, contended that it would be rarely extraordinary to make such a matter after nutritious such injuries. In sequence to accommodate a above contention, a assign has heavily relied on a statements of Dr. C.B. Dabas-PW-9, Dr. (Mrs.) Ruma Jain-PW-26 and Dr. Sharat Chandra-PW30.

19) Dr. C.B. Dabas-PW-9, on 25.01.1995, conducted postmortem hearing on a physique of a defunct Savita. He beheld 21 outmost injuries. After inner examination, he found a following injuries on a neck:

“Neck: Wounds of a neck were serve raze and it was celebrated that muscles of neck on both sides were cut. Under repairs No. 2, 4, 5 and 6. With justification of surgical devridement and repair. There was distillate of blood in neck tissues and blood rest and blood was still oozing out from neck vessel of rt. Side. Both outmost jugular veins and left facial artery were cut underneath repairs No. 2 and 4 with surgical cultures benefaction in situ. Right carotid was partially cut underneath repairs No. 6 alongwith a muscles and smaller vessels of blood was still oozing out of a severed vessels. There was a stitched wound on tracheal thyroid. Traches was patent. Other neck structure were intact.”
Since importance was about repairs to carotid cartridge, there is no need to impute his hearing about chest, stomach and head. It is also applicable to note doubt and answer and interrogate about repairs to carotid artery.

“Que: Kindly name a blood vessel that had been severed in repairs No. 6?
Ans. Mainly it was right common carotid cartridge and other tiny vessels.
It is scold that injuries no. 2, 4 and 5 outmost jugular veins and left facial arteries were cut. It is scold that jugular and carotid artery are critical blood vessels. Carotid artery reserve blood to a brain. Carotid artery was partially cut. It is scold that with this prejudiced cut in a carotid artery a blood supply to a mind will be reduced.
Que: Whether this reduced blood supply to a mind will adversely impact a functioning of a mind and will prove coma?
Ans. It will count on a volume of blood oozing out of cut in common carotid artery.
I have not given a dimension of a cut in a common carotid artery as described. The bigger a distance of a cut in a artery it will speed adult a routine of inspiring a mind function.”
It is transparent that according to PW-9, right carotid was partially cut. Trachea was obvious and other neck structures were intact. He has reiterated a same in interrogate also. Inasmuch as a repairs on a carotid was prejudiced joined with opinion of Dr. Sharat Chandra PW-30, it can't be claimed that she was entirely infirm from creation any statement.

20) Dr. (Mrs.) Ruma Jain, PW-26, trustworthy to Hindu Rao Hospital as CMO, on a date of a occurrence i.e. on 22.01.1996, in her justification deposed that on that day during about 3.30 PM Savita was brought by ASI Shanti. She medically examined her. Though she found her ubiquitous condition was not excusable she had settled that she was unwavering and responding to written command. She also remarkable several injuries including a repairs on a neck. Though during cross-examination, she has settled that a fatigue was impassioned yet in honour of a specific doubt by a Public Prosecutor, she answered that “I did not infer a border of fatigue in a MLC Ex.PW26/A. What was mentioned by me was fatigue and responding to written command.” She also simplified that before signing her matter before re- hearing she had settled that a word impassioned appearing in a interrogate should not have been there. If we investigate a justification of PW-26, that also creates it transparent that at a time when Sonu @ Savita was authorized in a sanatorium during 3.30 PM yet there was denote of drowsiness, a fact stays that she was responding to written authority and means to make a statement.

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21) The other alloy examined by a assign is Dr. Sarat Chandra Jai Singh PW-30. In his evidence, he deposed that on 22.01.1996, he was posted in Hindu Rao Hospital as Superintendent of Surgery. On that day harmed Sonu was brought to a sanatorium and she was medically examined by Dr. Tomar, Casualty Medical Officer and he had opined harmed to be fit for matter on a MLC Ex.PW-26/A. His serve matter and avowal are as follows:-

“On that day Insp. V.S. Chauhan had met me during MLC Ward and he had told me that a failing stipulation was to be accessible by him (by a Insp.). On a ask of Insp. Chauhan we medically examined harmed Ms. Sonu. She was mentally fit to builder her matter i.e. she could know a questions and could answer a questions put to her. After we authorized a harmed to be medically fit for matter Insp. V.S. Chauhan had accessible a matter of harmed Ms. Sonu Ex. PW4/A in my participation and we finished my publicity Ex. PW-30/A to a make that a matter had been taken in participation and a studious was in stoical mentis and a publicity bears my signatures during infer P. Insp. Chauhan had review over matter Ex. PW 4/A to a harmed Ms. Sonu and she sealed matter during infer Q in token of exactness of her statement.”
In a cross-examination, he deposed that: “When Insp. Chauhan was recording a matter of Ms. Sonu we listened her matter and afterwards after a recording of this matter was over, Insp. Chauhan review over a matter to me and during that time Ms. Sonu was also there and afterwards we sealed this matter by giving my endorsement. It is scold that we did not discuss in my publicity Ex. PQ 30/A that Insp. Chauhan review over this statement. To me and Ms. Sonu. During this time, Ms. Sonu was in surgical puncture ward. Patient had gash injuries and a injuries were pleading profusely.”

PW-30 also asserted that immediately after her statement, Sonu was taken to surgical puncture ward, given she had gash injuries and was draining profusely. It was in justification that she was invariably in a puncture sentinel and eventually died on 24.01.1996 during 12.30 PM. This was a reason that given of her vicious position after acknowledgment and creation her statement, a Magistrate could not be cumulative to record her statement.

22) The justification of PW-26 and PW-30, who had treated Sonu, infer that immediately after acknowledgment in a sanatorium during 3.30 PM on 22.01.1996 and during a time of creation matter during 4.05 PM she was in a fit condition. It is also transparent that immediately after her matter given of a injuries she was taken to puncture sentinel and she was kept therein compartment her genocide on 24.01.1996. It is also transparent that in respect of repairs on a carotid in perspective of a fact that it was usually partially cut and means to pronounce and surprise what had happened during 2.30 PM, her matter to Inspector P.S.Chauhan PW-41 in a participation of Dr. Sarat Chandra Jai Singh PW-30 is legally slight and accessible in evidence. The schooled hearing Judge has righteously relied on those materials and a High Court righteously authorized a same. We accept a pronounced finish and reject a contentions lifted by Mr. Sinha and Mr. Rangaramanujam.

(B) “Motive”

The assign has also valid motive. It is extravagantly transparent from a justification of Jaswant Singh, PW-5 that when Satbir and his hermit Atbir demanded 25-26 Bighas of rural land in Bulandshahar, U.P. yet concluded yet executed a Will (Ex. PW-5/D) bequeathing those lands in their foster yet a same was not excusable by his sons, quite Atbir and he apprehended that given of a participation of his step-mother and her children, he might not get properties of his father, both mobile and immovable, during once. Since this was in his mind and in conference with his mom Chandra @ Chandawati, he designed to liberate a whole family of Sheela. These aspects have been abundantly projected by a assign and righteously supposed by a hearing Court and a High Court.

(C) Death sentence

24) When a inherent outcome of genocide chastisement for murder supposing in Section 302 of a Penal Code and sentencing procession embodied in sub-section (3) of Section 354 of a Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, was questioned, a Constitution Bench of this Court in Bachan Singh v. State of Punjab, (1980) 2 SCC 684, after consummate discussion, forlorn a plea to a constitutionality of a pronounced supplies and ruled that “life seizure is a sequence and genocide visualisation an exception”. It has also remarkable that “Aggravating as good as “Mitigating Circumstances” to be warn for deception of visualisation of death. “Aggravating Circumstances
(a) If a murder has been committed after prior formulation and involves impassioned brutality; or

(b) If a murder involves well-developed depravity; or

(c) If a murder is of a member of any of a armed army of a Union or of a member of any military force or of any open menial and was committed:-

(i) While such member or open menial was on duty; or

(ii) In outcome of anything finished or attempted to be finished by such member or open menial in a official liberate of his avocation as such member or open menial possibly during a time of murder he was such member or open servant, as a box might be, or had ceased to be such member or open servant; or

(d) If a murder is of a chairman who had acted in a official liberate of his avocation underneath Section 43 of a Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, or who had rendered assistance to a Magistrate or a military officer after perfectionist his assist or requiring his assistance underneath Section 37 and Section 129 of a pronounced Code.” “Mitigating Circumstances”

(1) That a corruption was committed underneath a change of impassioned mental or romantic disturbance. (2) The age of a accused. If a indicted is immature or old, he shall not be condemned to death.

(3) The luck that a indicted would not dedicate rapist acts of assault as would consecrate a stability hazard to society.

(4) The luck that a indicted can be reformed and rehabilitated.

The State shall by justification infer that a indicted does not prove a conditions (3) and (4) above. (5) That in a contribution and resources of a box a indicted believed that he was implicitly fit in committing a offence.

(6) That a indicted acted underneath a compulsion or mastery of another person.

(7) That a condition of a indicted showed that he was mentally poor and that a pronounced forsake marred his ability to interpretation a steal of his conduct.”

25) A three-Judge Bench in Machhi Singh vs. State of Punjab, (1983) 3 SCC 470 after examining a Constitution Bench preference in Bachan Singh (supra), reason a following propositions for integrity of rarest of singular cases:- “Death Sentence

32. The reasons given a village as a whole does not validate a humanistic ensue reflected in `death sentence-in-no-case’ doctrine are not distant to seek. In a initial place, a really humanistic edifice is assembled on a substructure of `reverence for life’ principle. When a member of a village violates this really element by murdering another member, a multitude might not feel itself firm by a shackles of this doctrine. Secondly, it has to be realised that any member of a village is means to live with reserve without his or her possess life being involved given of a protecting arm of a village and on comment of a sequence of law enforced by it. The really existence of a sequence of law and a fear of being brought to book operates as a halt for those who have no scruples in murdering others if it suits their ends. Every member of a village owes a debt to a village for this protection. When ingratitude is shown instead of thankfulness by `killing’ a member of a village that protects a torpedo himself from being killed, or when a village feels that for a consequence of self- refuge a torpedo has to be killed, a village might good repel a insurance by supporting a genocide penalty. But a village will not do so in any case. It might do so `in rarest of singular cases’ when a common demur is so repelled that it will pattern a holders of a authorised energy centre to inflict genocide chastisement irrespective of their personal opinion as regards appropriateness or differently of maintaining genocide penalty. The village might perform such a perspective when a crime is noticed from a height of a belligerent for, or a demeanour of elect of a crime, or a anti-social or offensive inlet of a crime, such as for instance:

I. Manner of elect of murder

33. When a murder is committed in an intensely brutal, grotesque, diabolical, sickening or dishonourable demeanour so as to awaken heated and impassioned indignation of a community. For instance,

(i) when a residence of a plant is set flaming with a finish in perspective to fry him alive in a house;

(ii) when a plant is subjected to evil acts of woe or cruelty in sequence to move about his or her death;
(iii) when a physique of a plant is cut into pieces or his physique is dismembered in a monstrous manner;

II. Motive for elect of murder

34. When a murder is committed for a belligerent that evinces sum evil and meanness. For instance when (a) a hired killer commits murder for a consequence of income or prerogative (b) a impersonal murder is committed with a warn pattern in sequence to get skill or to benefit control over skill of a sentinel or a chairman underneath a control of a torpedo or vis-`-vis whom a torpedo is in a winning position or in a position of trust, or (c) a murder is committed in a march of profanation of a motherland. III. Anti-social or socially offensive inlet of a crime

35. (a) When murder of a member of a Scheduled Caste or minority community, etc. is committed not for personal reasons yet in resources that awaken amicable wrath. For instance when such a crime is committed in sequence to threaten such persons and dismay them into journey from a place or in sequence to dispossess them of, or make them surrender, lands or advantages conferred on them with a perspective to retreat past injustices and in sequence to revive a amicable balance.

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(b) In cases of `bride burning’ and what are famous as `dowry deaths’ or when murder is committed in sequence to remarry for a consequence of extracting dowry once again or to marry another lady on comment of infatuation.

IV. Magnitude of crime

36. When a crime is huge in proportion. For instance when mixed murders contend of all or roughly all a members of a family or a vast series of persons of a sold caste, community, or locality, are committed.

V. Personality of plant of murder

37. When a plant of murder is (a) an trusting child who could not have or has not supposing even an excuse, most reduction a provocation, for murder (b) a infirm lady or a chairman rendered infirm by aged age or feebleness (c) when a plant is a chairman vis-`-vis whom a torpedo is in a position of mastery or trust (d) when a plant is a open figure generally desired and reputable by a village for a services rendered by him and a murder is committed for domestic or identical reasons other than personal reasons.”

26) In this background, a discipline indicated in Bachan Singh’s box (supra) have to be culled out and practical to a contribution of any particular box where a doubt of commanding of genocide visualisation arises. The following propositions emerge from Bachan Singh’s case:

“(i) The impassioned chastisement of genocide need not be inflicted solely in gravest cases of impassioned culpability.
(ii) Before opting for a genocide chastisement a resources of a `offender’ also need to be taken into care along with a resources of a `crime’.
(iii) Life seizure is a sequence and genocide visualisation is an exception. In other difference genocide visualisation contingency be imposed usually when life seizure appears to be an altogether unsound punishment carrying courtesy to a applicable resources of a crime, and provided, and usually provided, a choice to levy visualisation of seizure for life can't be morally exercised carrying courtesy to a inlet and resources of a crime and all a applicable circumstances.

(iv) A change piece of aggravating and mitigating resources has to be drawn adult and in doing so a mitigating resources have to be accorded full weightage and a usually change has to be struck between a aggravating and a mitigating resources before a choice is exercised.”

In sequence to ask these guidelines, inter alia, a following questions might be asked and answered:

“(a) Is there something odd about a crime that renders visualisation of seizure for life unsound and calls for a genocide sentence?
(b) Are a resources of a crime such that there is no choice yet to levy genocide visualisation even after according limit weightage to a mitigating resources that pronounce in foster of a offender?”
If on holding an altogether tellurian perspective of all a resources in a light of a aforesaid proposal and holding into comment a answers to a questions acted hereinabove, a resources of a box are such that genocide visualisation is warranted, a Court would ensue to do so.

27) In perspective of a beliefs culled out from a progressing decisions, let us find out possibly a benefaction box would tumble in a difficulty of rarest of a singular box warranting genocide sentence.

28) It is seen from a justification of Jaswant Singh, PW-5 that he had married one Chandra @ Chandrawati in a year 1963. Three children, namely, Satbir, Atbir and Anju were innate to them. However, in 1971 Jawant Singh had forlorn his mom Chandra and in 1973 he married Sheela Devi, a deceased, as his second wife. Two children, namely, Sonu @ Savita and Manish @ Manu were innate from a second wife. It is serve seen from a justification of Jaswant Singh that his initial wife’s son Satbir visited him and demanded send of rural land of 25-26 bighas in Bulandshahar, U.P. in foster of himself and Atbir. Though Jaswant Singh concluded to a ask yet executed a Will (Ex. PW-5/D) in 1995 bequeathing those lands in foster of Satbir and Atbir. It is serve seen that these dual sons, namely, Satbir and Atbir were insisting on evident send by ensue of a purebred document. In serve to a same, they also demanded a residence in Mathura or share in House No. N-33 Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi. It is a sure mount of Jaswant Singh that Atbir, Satbir and Chandra used to direct money. They also threatened that if he fails to compensate a income as demanded, they would kill him. The fact that Atbir was not in a position to suffer a lands as demanded and his father refused to compensate income finished Atbir and her mom to take some impassioned steps. It is also their protest and in their mind that given his father wants to prejudiced with critical properties in foster of Sheela, second wife, and their children Sonu @ Savita and Manish @ Mannu, it is in their mind that so prolonged as a second mom and her children were alive, he and his hermit might not get any thing and motionless to do divided with a family of Sheela. In other words, all a indicted persons including Atbir felt that they would not get their legitimate share in a skill as prolonged as Sheela and her children are alive and, therefore, they should do divided with. As righteously celebrated by a hearing Court and a High Court, this could yield a clever belligerent to a indicted persons for committing a crime.

29) As argued before a Courts below, schooled warn for a appellant has lifted a identical row saying that Atbir was a immature male of 25 years and already spent 10 years in jail, that itself is a sufficient punishment for a crime. He also highlighted that he had no past story of any crime and it can't be claimed that it is unfit to change his state of mind in a future. He also forked out that Atbir’s categorical aim was to squeeze a skill of his father immediately that too yet giving a share to anyone. By indicating out these mitigating resources and a authorised beliefs as formulated in Bachan Singh’s box and Machhi Singh’s case, prayed for tolerance and according to him, punishment of genocide visualisation is not warranted.

30) It is applicable to discuss that Jaswant Singh, father of Atbir forlorn his initial mom and their children in 1971. Atbir and his hermit Satbir had some protest about their father for deserting their mom and critical with Sheela Devi – second mom and her children. Apart from a same, Atbir demanded land and residence skill and income immediately, yet his father Jaswant Singh concluded and executed a Will. Since a properties would come to his hands usually after a passing of his father, Atbir along with other indicted persons committed this pale crime. As righteously celebrated by a courts below, among a 3 accused, Atbir designed for a crime that was executed in a heartless demeanour and motionless to clean out a entire family so that his father would leave all a properties and income in their favour.

31) The demeanour in that 3 persons were brutally murdered shocks a conscience. The aggravated accused, underneath a care of Atbir, reached a residence of Sheela Devi and primarily demanded income and bolted a doorway from inside and, thereafter, inflicted 11 cut injuries on Manish @Mannu by Atbir when a others reason reason of him. After finishing him, Atbir inflicted 5 disgusting injuries on defunct Sheela mercilessly. He also inflicted another 21 injuries on a defunct Sonu @ Savita ignoring her proposal age. The demeanour in that Atbir initial stabbed Manish @ Mannu followed by Sheela and afterwards Sonu @ Savita showed that there was a integrity to finish a whole family so that he and his hermit suffer a whole skill and income immediately.

32) Another aggravating business is that a crime had been committed and executed after shutting a doors with all a 3 defunct being left infirm and unarmed. Closing of a doorway and bolting it from inside clearly shows a integrity to finish a crime and take divided a life of all a three. Among them, dual of them were in a immature age and they could not be annoyed and instigated in any manner.

33) It is seen from a justification of a Doctors particularly, Post-mortem Doctor, that a indicted Atbir inflicted as many as 37 blade injuries on a physique of 3 trusting persons. A examination of a autopsy reports of a 3 defunct clearly shows a inlet of a injuries inflicted on all a critical tools and a indicted Atbir continued his movement mercilessly compartment all a 3 mislaid their breath. Fortunately, before a genocide of Sonu @ Savita, she was taken to a sanatorium where she finished a matter to a outcome that how they were killed by a indicted particularly, by Atbir. She definitely mentioned that it was Atbir who took out a blade and inflicted gash blows on all a 3 deceased. We have already mentioned a fact that Atbir inflicted 37 blade blows that resulted in a genocide of 3 persons.

34) After examining all a applicable materials let in by a assign and in a light of a good determined beliefs including aggravating and mitigating resources as laid by a Constitution Bench in Bachan Singh’s box (supra) and explained in Machhi Singh’s box (supra), we interpretation a murders committed by Atbir is intensely heartless and sinful one. The cold blooded murder is committed with warn pattern in sequence to get a whole skill of Jaswant Singh yet watchful for his death. The bulk of a crime is also huge in suit given Atbir, with a assistance of his mom and brother, committed mixed murders of all a members of a family. Apart from this, a victims are nothing else than his step-mother, hermit and sister. The victims are trusting who could not have or has not supposing even an forgive most reduction a irritation for murder. Further, a victims were unknowingly of a remarkable entrance of Atbir and others and after bolting a doorway from inside, they have no other ensue to go out or conflict solely subjecting themselves to a wishes of Atbir. Though a indicted Atbir was also during a age of 25 during a applicable infer of time deliberation his craving and lust for skill murdering his possess family members when they had no arise to incite or conflict and causing 37 blade blows on critical tools of all a 3 persons, we interpretation that it is a gravest box of impassioned blame and rarest of singular box and death visualisation alone would be correct and adequate. We have already remarkable that a indicted had no pardonable belligerent for his action. We are also confident that a victims were infirm and undefended. Taking into care of all a contribution and materials, it is transparent transparent that a whole act of Atbir amounts to a barbarous and evil poise of a top order. The demeanour in that a murder was carried out in a benefaction box is intensely brutal, gruesome, diabolical, and sickening as to startle a common demur of a community.

35) In a light of a above discussion, we endorse a self-assurance and visualisation of genocide imposed on Atbir and a same shall be executed in suitability with law. We also endorse a self-assurance and visualisation of life seizure imposed on Ashok.

36) Consequently, both a appeals are dismissed.


AUGUST 9, 2010.

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