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FORM NO. 3 : Particulars of contract relating to shares

Registration No. of Company ������� Nominal Capital : Rs�������..


[Pursuant to section 75(2)]

Name of company �������������� Limited / Private Limited.

Presented by ��������������������������������

The particulars must be stamped with the same stamp duty as would have been payable if the contract had been reduced to writing.

Particulars of contract relating to shares allotted as fully or partly paid-up otherwise than in cash by ������������������.. Limited / Private Limited����

1. The number of shares allotted as fully or partly paid-up otherwise than in cash

2. The nominal amount of each such share Rs.

3. The amount to be considered as paid-up on each such share otherwise than in cash Rs.

4. If the consideration for the allotment of such shares is services, or any consideration other than that mentioned below in (5) state the nature of such consideration, and the number of shares so allotted.

5. If the allotment is made in satisfaction or part satisfaction of the purchase price of property, give a brief description of such property, and full particulars of the manner in which the purchase price is to be satisfied.

(1) Brief description of property

(2) Purchase price Rs.

(i) Total amount considered as paid on �� shares allotted, otherwise than in cash Rs.

(ii) Debentures issued Rs.

(iii)Cash Rs.

(iv) Amount of debt released or liabilities assumed by the purchaser (including mortgages on property acquired) Rs.

Total purchase price Rs.

6. Give full particulars, in the following form of the property which is the subject of the sale, showing in detail how the total purchase price is apportioned between the respective heads:-

Immovable property held in absolute ownership by the company and fixed plant and machinery and other fixtures thereon1

Leasehold property2

Fixed plant and machinery on leasehold property (including tenants trade and other fixtures)

Other interests in immovable property3

Loose plant and machinery stock-in-trade, and other chattels4

Goodwill and benefit or contracts

Patents, designs, trade marks, Licenses, copyrights, etc.

Book and other debts

Cash in hand and at bank on current account, bills, notes, etc.

Cash on deposit at bank or elsewhere

Shares, debentures and other investments

other, property, viz.

Signature �������..

5Designation ������..

Dated the ������� day of ����..19 ����

1 Where such properties are sold subject to mortgage, the gross value should be shown.

2 Ibid.

3 Ibid.

4 No plant and machinery which was not in an actual state of severance on the date of the sale should be included under this head.

5 State whether Director, Managing Director, Manager or Secretary.

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