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33. Alteration of film after issue of certificate

(1) When a film is altered by excision, addition, coloring or otherwise after it has been certified under these rules, it shall not be exhibited unless the portion or portions excised, added, colored or otherwise altered, have been reported to the Board in Form III in Schedule II and the Board has endorsed the particulars of the alteration or alterations on the certificate.


Explanation I: Reasonable wear and tear in the normal course of handling or protecting a film shall not be deemed to be. an alteration of the film within the meaning of this sub-rule.


Explanation II: Any addition, deletion, alteration or replacement of background music in a film or, (unless the Chairman by general or special order otherwise directs) a mere change in gauge shall not be deemed to be an alteration of the film within the meaning of this sub-rule.


(2) For the purpose of exercising its powers under sub-rule (1), the Regional Officer shall appoint an Examining Committee to examine at the expense of the applicant, the reel or reels of the film in which the portion or portions are altered in such manner and with such assistance as he may deem fit and where the Examining Committee considered it necessary so to do, it shall re-examine the entire film:


PROVIDED that where a film is altered by excision or by the change of a colored film into black and white version only it shall not ordinarily be necessary to appoint an Examining Committee unless the Regional Officer in any case otherwise directs.


(3) The examining committee appointed under sub-rule (2) shall consist of 2[one] member of the Advisory Panel and an examining officer:


PROVIDED that where the examining officer is unavoidably absent at the examination of the film or any reel thereof, the Examining Committee shall consist of two members of the Advisory Panel.


(4) Pending examination of the altered film under this rule, the applicant shall not exhibit the film incorporating the proposed alteration.


(5) Where the film or any portion thereof as the case may be, is re-examined under this rule, the Chairman shall unless for reasons to be recorded in writing, he declines permission for the alteration, make suitable endorsement in the certificate granted in relation to the film.

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