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2. Building

(i) The Creche building should be constructed of heat-resisting materials and should be rain-proof.

(ii) While in towns it may be built of brick wall with cement or lime plaster, in rural areas it may be built of mud walls with mud plaster. In either case, the flooring and the walls up to a height of 3ft should have cement surface.

(iii) The height of the rooms should be not less than 10ft from the floor to the lowest part of the roof.

(iv) The rooms should be provided with necessary doors and windows for securing and maintaining adequate light and ventilation by free flow of air.

(v) The building should be periodically inspected in order to see that it is safe and is being maintained under sanitary conditions.

(vi) The Creche will be kept open at all times both by day and night, when women employees are working.

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