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Section 134 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

134. Liquidator in voluntary winding-up or winding-up subject to supervision, to submit statement

Where before the making of the winding-up order the company was being wound-up voluntarily or subject to the supervision of the Court, the Official Liquidator may require any liquidator or liquidators in such winding-up to furnish him, not later than 14 days of his making the requisition, or such other time as he may fix, with a statement as to the manner in which the winding-up was conducted, how the assets of the company were dealt with, and the position of the liquidation on the date of the order for winding-up by the Court ; and on the requisition being made, it shall be the duty of the liquidator or liquidators so required to furnish the statement within the time limited. Where the liquidator or liquidators fail to furnish the statement as required, the Official Liquidator may apply to the Court for such directions as may be necessary.

Reports by Official Liquidator under section 455 and summons for directions

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