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Section 171 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

171. List of proofs and summons for directions

Where the winding-up is in a District Court, the Official Liquidator attached to the Court shall, after such investigation as he may think necessary, make out and file in the Court, within two months of the date fixed for the submissions of proofs under rule 147 of these rules, or within such extended time as the Court may allow, a list verified by his affidavit of all the debts and claims sent to him, distinguishing in such list which of the debts and claims or parts thereof are in his belief justly due and proper to be allowed without further evidence, with the reasons for his belief, and which of them ought to be proved by the creditors, and shall also file with the list all the proofs and the evidence received by him from the several creditors in connection with their claims. He shall at the same time take out a summons for the settlement of the list of creditors by the Court. The affidavit verifying the list shall be in Form No. 72 and the summons shall be in Form No. 73.

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