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Section 184 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

184. Notice of settlement to contributories

(1) Upon the filing of the certificate, the Official Liquidator shall forthwith give notice to every person placed on the list of contributories as finally settled, stating in what character and for what number of shares or interest he has been placed on the list, what amount has been called up and what amount paid up in respect of such shares or interest, and in the notice he shall inform such person that any application for the removal of his name from the list or for a variation of the list, must be made to the Court within 21 days from the date of service on the contributory of such notice. Such notice shall be in Form No. 80, and shall be sent to each person settled on the list by pre-paid registered post for, acknowledgement at the address mentioned in the list as settled.


(2) An affidavit of service relating to the dispatch of the notices to the contributories under this rule shall be sworn to by the persons who dispatched the said notices and shall be filed in Court within 14 days of the filing by the Official Liquidator of his certificate of the list of contributories under rule 183 of these rules. Such affidavit shall be in Form No. 81.

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