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Section 37 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

37. Order to be drawn up

(1) Every order, whether made in Court or in Chambers, shall be drawn up by the Registrar, unless in any proceeding or class of proceedings the Judge or the Registrar shall direct that the order need not be drawn up. Where a direction is given that no order need be drawn up, the note or memorandum of the order signed or initialed by the Judge making the order or by the Registrar shall be sufficient evidence of the order having been made. The date of every order shall be the date on which it was actually made, notwithstanding that it is drawn up and issued on a later date.


(2) Where costs are awarded to a party in any proceeding and such costs have to be taxed, the order shall direct that the party liable to pay the costs shall pay the same when taxed, and where the costs have been fixed by the Court or ascertained by taxation prior to the drawing up of the order, the order shall direct the payment of the amount of such costs by the party liable to pay the same.

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