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Section 52 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

52. Notice to creditors

The company shall, within seven days after the filing of the list of creditors referred to in rule 49 or such further or other time as the Jude may allow, send to each creditor whose name is entered in the said list, a notice of the presentation of the petition and of the said list, stating the amount of the proposed reduction of capital and the amount or estimated value of the debt or the contingent debt or claim or both for which such creditor’s name is entered in the said list, and the time, as fixed by the Judge, within which if he claims to be entitled to be entered on such list as a creditor for a larger amount, he must send in his name and address, and the particulars of his debt or claim, and the name and address of his advocate if any, to the advocate of the company. Such notice shall be in Form No. 23, and shall, unless the Judge otherwise directs be sent by pre-paid registered post for acknowledgement addressed to each creditor at his last known address or place of abode:

Provided that where his address is not known to the company, the Judge may direct notice to be given to such creditor in such manner as he may think fit.

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