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Section 62 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

62. Order on petition

Where the Judge makes an order confirming a reduction, such order shall include directions-


(a) as to the manner in which, the times at which and the newspaper or newspapers in which, notice of the registration of the order and of the minute as approved by the Judge under rule 63 shall be published;


(b) as to the period commencing on or after the date of the order, during which the words ‘and      reduced’ shall be added to the name of the company as the last words thereof, in case the Court thinks fit to direct under section 102(2)(a) that the words shall be so added; and


(c) as to the publication, if the Judge so directs, of the reasons for reduction or the causes that led to it or such other information in relation thereto as the Judge may require to be published under section 102(2)(b).

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