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23. Registration of legal practitioners clerks: —

(1) A clerk employed by a legal practitioner and permitted as such to have access to the records and to obtain copies of the orders of the Tribunal in which the legal practitioner ordinarily practices shall be known as a “registered clerk”.

(2) A legal practitioner desirous of registering his clerk shall make an application to the Registrar in Form 2.

(3) A legal practitioner shall have at a time not more than two registered clerks unless the Registrar by general or special order otherwise permits.

(4) A register of all the registered clerks shall, be maintained in the office of the Registrar and after registration of the clerk, the Registrar shall direct the issue of an identity card to him which shall be non transferable and shall be produced by the holder upon request by an officer or any other employee of the Tribunal.

(5) The identity card mentioned in sub-rule (4) shall be issued under the signatures of the Registrar of the Tribunal.

(6) whenever a legal practitioner ceases to employ a registered clerk, he shall notify the fact at once to the Registrar by means of a letter enclosing therewith the identity card issued to his clerk and on receipt of such letter the name of the said registered clerk shall be struck off from the register.

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