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Section 12 – Employees State Insurance Corporation (General Provident Fund) Rules, 1995

12. Realization of subscriptions

(1) When the emoluments are drawn from the fund, recovery of subscriptions and the principal and interest of advances, if any, granted from the fund shall be made direct from the emoluments.

(2) When emoluments are drawn from any other source, the subscriber shall forward his dues monthly to the accounts officer:

PROVIDED that in the case of a subscriber on deputation to a body corporate owned or controlled by government the subscription shall be recovered and forwarded to the accounts officer by such body.

(3) If a subscriber fails to subscribe with effect from the date on which he is required to join the fund or is on default in any month or months during the course of a year otherwise than as provided in rule 9, the total amount due to the fund on account of arrears or subscription shall, with interest thereon at the rate provided in rule 13, forthwith be paid by the subscriber to the fund or in default be ordered by the accounts officer to be recovered by deduction from the emoluments of the subscriber by installments or otherwise, as may be directed by the authority competent to sanction an advance for the grant of which special reasons are required under sub-rule (2) of rule 14:

PROVIDED that the subscribers whose deposits in the fund carry no interest shall not be required to pay any interest.

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